Algorithm-Based Crypto Trading System Launches on Indiegogo and Offers an Average 46% Gain

City of Dallas – A new cryptocurrency trading application designed with fine-tuned algorithms that have been tried, tested and proven to consistently generate approximately 46% return is being pre-launched today on Indiegogo, at Indiegogo

CryptoTradingApp, developed by Jerry Frye, a veteran cryptocurrency trader, offers unique features that competitors do not have. “I have developed the system myself, not only in terms of finding a trading system that consistently brings sizable gains but also in terms of getting a team together to create an algorithm that is actually a turnkey automated trading and investing solution for people. As a trader, I wasn’t happy with what the market had to offer, so I created something that could make me and other people happy, and that’s CryptoTradingApp,” stated Jerry Frye, founder of CryptoTradingApp.

Since the mechanism works through algorithms, there are no emotions or biases in the equation. “The algorithms work and generate a profit whether we’re dealing with a bear market or a bull market on cryptocurrencies. CryptoTradingApp is completely unbiased in the sense that we’re not blinded by any kind of love for crypto assets. The app just helps people make money off trading them whether the market is going up or down”, Jerry explained.

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Algorithmic trading is becoming an increasingly strong trend in the investment world. CryptoTradingApp wants to offer any person, easy and affordable access to an already successful algorithmic trading system that is automated, which means that it does not require in-depth knowledge from users, but which also comes with learning. “With CryptoTradingApp, a beginning trader who knows next to nothing can understand how successful cryptocurrency trading is done and start trading using the app’s exclusive features in less than one hour,” Mr. Frye assured.

CryptoTradingApp is a cryptocurrency trading system but not a cryptocurrency trading exchange. That is why its founders designed it to allow for full integration with Binance, the world’s number one cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange. Users who sign up to Binance with CryptoTradingApp will have assistance with setting up their wallet through Coinbase and their account at Binance.

The app allows users unlimited buying and selling of coins, it presents a global Profit & Loss outlook that allows users to keep track of their closed trades and trading performance and a portfolio page to smoothly keep track of all open trades. It also features advanced notifications and reporting, e-mail alerts, and constantly and actively updated and added trading features. There are two modes: day-trading and investing, which the user can choose according to the preferred profile and investing goals.

CryptoTradingApp’s exclusive features that competitors do not offer to include the possibility of setting trailing stop-loss on all trades, using a trading engine that works with proprietary Technical Analysis, and its key feature that entirely separates them from other competitors: a turnkey algorithmic trading system that works in both Bull Market and Bear Market scenarios to consistently generate approximately a 46% return. In addition to that, CryptoTradingApp is a cloud-based trading platform that allows users to trade and have access to their accounts 24/7/365 from any device in the world, so no fixed or permanent computer is required.

The CryptoTradingApp campaign is seeking to raise $7,500 on Indiegogo to fund some final costs with developers and systems that are required for the application. In exchange for their support to the campaign at Indiegogo, crowdfunding backers can have early and discounted access to the cryptocurrency trading app.

For more information, please visit Indiegogo or or contact Jerry, at

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