New Platform Provides Exciting Revenue Tool for Content Publishers

The new platform gives content publishers the option to easily generate a new stream of revenue by monetizing content on their websites. There’s no technical work involved and it’s possible to get started in minutes. Furthermore, there’s no risk of redirects or malware as with advertising, which often reduces average page views and ad revenues.

For website visitors, getting products that feature content that they resonate with is easier than ever. All they need to do is choose content they like such as an image or quote and then select and buy a product that features that content. Ondema handles all the manufacturing, shipping and customer service.

The founder and CEO, Idan Shemesh, is the Mastermind behind Ondema. Questioned about the motivation for creating this platform, he explained: “Ondema turns content into products dynamically, so it enables every content publisher to sell an endless variety of obscure or niche designs that are dynamically generated from content. By doing so, content publishers are realizing the “Long Tail theory” of commerce, and accessing a potential revenue generator that has been completely out of reach before.”

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The truth is that for most publishers, their only source of revenue is advertising which carries risk of redirects and malware. Plus, whereas advertising tends to distract visitors from the website, Ondema offers a new way for monetizing and enjoying engaging content – on the website. For publishers, it offers an effortless way of putting their revenues on autopilot.

Setting up an Ondema account is free and easy. Publishers need to:

  • Choose from a wide selection of merchandise including t-shirts, canvas wraps, throw pillows, and more – that will be available for purchase
  • Set prices
  • Implement one line of code, lay back and watch as the earnings roll in

Best of all is that no credit card is required. For further information or to try Ondema risk free, visit:

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