World’s First Portable Safe With Fingerprint&App Work System

Portable Safe Box 2.0 will launch on Kickstarter soon

STAR SAFE BOX 2.0 Safety store your valuables, STAR 2.0 was an upgraded version. More fast access with a finger touches No Weak PIN Code Access. Achieve higher security without a keypad. The STAR smart safe box that only opens when scanning its registered users’ fingertips offers a blend of exclusive privacy, safety, and comfort to early backers on crowdfunding

Biometric technology has become a widespread part of the consumer technology market, which is evident with new products like the Nebula Star Safe Box that enable easy access and secure protection from theft.

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Integrated with a biometric scanner that can store up to 12 different fingerprints, the safe will let users know whenever someone accesses it or tries to gain access without your permission. Users can remotely open the unit thanks to the accompanying app connectivity, which will come in hand if it’s in an office environment or business and one-time usage is required by an authorized party.

The Nebula Star 2.0 Safe Box also sports a highly portable design to let users take it with them when travelling or simply shifting between different locations.

The Nebula Star 2.0 Safe Box offers very spacious storage, with infinite possibilities, all of which combine exclusive privacy and unparalleled safety that uses biometric data instead of conventional and highly unreliable methods to keep the box closed and secured from unwanted hands and eyes.”

The Nebula Star 2.0 Safe Box designed to be a robust strong structure. It only opens when it scans the fingertips of its registered users, and it is embedded with a Tamper Alerts system and a cell phone surveillance app that sends an alert to registered users if someone tries to open it in an irregular way. Whenever the box opens, in order to make sure that its owner knows about it, the Nebula Star Safe Box notifies its registered users that it is opened, and it also sends an alert when it is unexpectedly moved or kept at a certain distance from the owner’s cell phone.

The crowdfunding campaign is targeting professionals, businesses, travellers, families and even gym-goers as potential backers, based on the privacy, portability, and exclusiveness of the box’s features, offering an early and special priced access to the box in exchange for their support.

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