Amigocoin to be The First Financial Regulated Crypto

AmigoCoin is looking to change the face of the cryptocurrency space, as it aims to be the first of its kind digital currency that will be financially regulated, with reports suggesting that the Bank of England Prudential will be the regulators of the cryptocurrency when it is officially launched. The digital currency is currently in its ICO stage, with the first phase of the initial coin offering running.

The digital currency space has grown in recent times, thanks to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, showing the world the features and benefits of the concept. However, the digital currency space has not been spared of some flaws and drawbacks, which somewhat explains AmigoCoin coming as a solution to many of the challenges currently faced in the cryptocurrency space.

AmigoCoin will be the world’s first financial regulated cryptocurrency, which will be regulated by the Bank of England Prudential. The coin is particularly unique as it seeks to offer reward solutions that unite all loyalty programs and point into a single virtual currency, consequently making it easy for customers to use them in several ways. This will, in turn, enhance and increase their productivities. The coin can also be used in making online purchases, sending money, paying bills, and converted into cash.

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AmigoCoin will also allow merchants to issue their own branded blockchain rewards, regardless of their expertise in the blockchain technology. The aim of the coin is to offer holders and other such users multiple rewards with one currency.

AmigoCoin is looking to bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto universes by standardizing tokenized payments.

The ICO for the coin is in stages, with a hard cap of $30,000,000.The first phase of the ICO is currently ongoing and more details on how to become a part of this crypto revolution can be found on the website and the whitepaper.

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