Announcing the Launch of ‘Thought Waves Pro’, a Highly Effective, Stress Hormone Reduction App

An experienced team of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy professionals led by family doctor Leanne Lawrence is offering a range of easy-to-use, audio-based,positiverelaxation techniques, with the aim ofbenefittingindividuals and assisting health professionals to offer easy stress reduction,together with its inherent health improvements, to patients across the globe.

Hypnosis is guided meditation on steroids. Its immense benefits include immediately improving body chemistry by reducing harmful stress hormone release within participants. The more a person positively meditates, the moretheir body chemistry positively transforms, and because Thought Waves Pro is guided, it ensures that benefitswill happen within the shortest possible time frame.

The moment an individual has fewer stress hormones running amuck within their systemis the moment they will begin to feel even better, their immune system will work more effectively, and any cellular maintenance or healing will happen much faster. This translates to people actually‘missing out’ on infections, reducing society’sreliance on antibiotics, faster healing, and who wouldn’t want to stay younger and healthier for longer too?Repeat relaxations cause internal chemical ‘thermostats’ to reset, maintainingpositive hormonal changes even between meditations. And even more advantages havenow been highlighted byMRI-based studies of thebrain re-shaping with regular positive meditation, which also linkswith enhanced emotional intelligence, resilience, and memory.

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One might be tempted to think that relaxing freestyle, say in a bubble bath, would cause the same positive relaxation to happen, but this is far from guaranteed because hidden factors often continue to cause stress hormone release. Our usual stress hormone ‘habits’tendto go unnoticed because wehave adapted to themviaa process called habituation, which basically means that any established internal stress hormone release feels completely ‘normal’ to us.

Thought Waves Pro is designed to make it easy for anyone who wishes to reliably enjoythe manyhealth benefits, which willall happen naturally and predictablywhen internal stress hormone release isreduced.

Thought Waves Pro allows usersto access ‘The 8-week Meditation and Relaxation Challenge’, including 10 free stress reduction audios designed to open new doors,demonstrating how easy it is for participants to experience for themselves what’s really possible. They will substantially improve their own physical and mental health within just an 8-week ‘foundation’ period, simply by resting and positively relaxing. Doctors’ advice for substantial health improvement doesn’t get any easier than this.

The Thought Waves Pro app ensures that stress reduction is only a free download away, with high-quality guided meditation audios designed to rapidly change the lives of users for the better.

The Thought Waves Pro app is freely downloadable from Google Play and App Store and comes with additional in-app purchases, which allow users to enjoy permanent access to a selection of premium medically-orientated relaxations at remarkably affordable rates.

“I am a passionate family doctor and once I realized the negative impact of personal stress hormone release on health, I committed to creating an effective, positive relaxation course, ‘The 8 Week Relaxation and Meditation Challenge’ – which isfreely downloadable via my app, Thought Waves Pro,” says Dr Leanne Lawrence.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store, with more information available on the website.

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