Announcing the Oh Caption! Browser Plugin for Crowd-Sourced Image Descriptions

nklein software announces the official release of its Oh Caption! browser plugin for crowd-sourced image descriptions. The Oh Caption! browser plugin enables visually-impaired users to read detailed descriptions of social media images. These image descriptions are written by sighted users and interested organizations to help visually-impaired people get the most out of their social media experience.

Why Is Oh Caption! Needed?

Images abound on social media. Sighted people immediately recognize any picture, for example, a campaign poster for Cynthia Nixon, and read the text in the picture. To a visually-impaired person, that same image may only be represented with a few, vague words, such as Image or Image may contain 1 person, text and closeup.

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The Oh Caption! browser plugin allows sighted users to provide descriptions for social media images. These descriptions stick with the image as it is shared online. With Oh Caption!, that same image may then be presented to the visually-impaired user as Black and white photo of Cynthia Nixon with text overlaid: A New York for All of Us.—C for NY.

Getting Started

Sighted people: imagine a world where social media is as rich and useful for everyone as it is for you. Visually-impaired people: imagine reading your favorite Facebook pages or Twitter streams and not missing any of the content!

The Oh Caption! a browser plugin is currently available for the Google Chrome™ and Mozilla Firefox® web browsers.

DOWNLOAD and learn more about installing and using the Oh Caption! browser plugin at

About nklein software

nklein software is a one-person company that has been developing websites and custom software for more than fifteen years. Oh Caption! is nklein’s first browser plugin and first software directed toward assisting the visually-impaired.

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