USCHAG, the Shining Tech Superstar Joins Innovation Depot

The US Consumer Health Advocacy group (USCHAG) is proud to announce that they have been accepted as a member of The Innovation Depot. Igniting a revival in Alabama, which not too long ago was suffering from economic malaise, The Innovation Depot has been an important part of Birmingham’s revival and its blossoming reputation as the ‘Silicon Valley of the South’.

The most notable advance from the Innovation Depot has been the success of SHIPT, which was recently sold to TARGET for over $500M. Becoming a member of the Innovation Depot was key to the USCHAG growth strategy.

Utilizing the Innovation Depot’s unique programs and as a member of their collaborative environment, USCHAG will realize substantial forward momentum towards their goal of bringing core revolutionary change to our healthcare system. By employing the latest developments in Cognitive Commuting Technology coupled with compassionate humans in which both integrate with consumers doctors, insurance, prescriptions and more, the organization improves the healthcare experience for everyone involved in our nation’s complex healthcare system.

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USCHAG and its family of brands are humbled to be counted among the select companies that have been accepted to this one of kind organization. More impressive is that Innovation Depot has firmly established its reputation as the epicenter for startups outside of Silicon Valley. Hank Champion, Co-founder of USCHAG says “We are excited to be a part of The Innovation Depot, as together, we can lead this technology renaissance that is burgeoning in the southern US. We are honored to be among these select companies whose common goal is to effect real and impactful changes in people’s lives.”

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