AppMySite – Things your business apps can do besides selling

When you are creating or have created a business app, think beyond selling. There are endless ways in which your app can help you achieve your business goals.

If you have an existing website, then you can build an app that works in sync with the website and offers various additional advantages.

It is very cost-effective to build an app based on your website, especially if you have to convert the Woocommerce website to a mobile app. The same is true for WordPress websites, too.

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App building services like AppMySite have cost-effective plans for WordPress and Woocommerce app building.

Once you have built your app, here are a few things your apps can help you do besides selling:

  • Data collection

Apps are a great source of data. As users sign in to your app, you gather their contact information, which can be used for marketing purposes later. You can also collect data about customers’ browsing behaviour, product preferences, and purchase patterns. Such data, when analyzed well, help in making sound business decisions.

  • Customer retention

Your apps also help you retain customers, as people who download your app tend to use it for a long time. Therefore, apps help increase a customer’s lifetime value.

  • Social sharing by customers

Easy social share options in native apps enable satisfied customers to share their positive experience on your app with their connections on social media.

  • Marketing

With various features of native apps, you can easily market products, occasions and events with your customers who are using the app. You can market through push notifications, SMS, emails, in-app notifications, in-app banners, etc.

  • Attracting new customers

You can attract new customers to your business by Search-engine-optimizing your app download page, introducing a referral program, giving loyalty rewards, offering incentives to download and use an app, and so on.

In the above manner, your business app, whether used for selling or publishing content, can be used to achieve various other business objectives.

If you do not have an app yet, you can make a WordPress app or convert Woocommerce website to mobile app with platforms like AppMySite.

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