Intent HQ Implements 1 to 1 Personalisation for REV in The Bahamas

  • Intent HQ is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its 1 to 1 personalisation technology solution for the leading operator Cable Bahamas (“REV”) in The Bahamas. The Intent HQ product consolidates and prioritizes CRM systems, TV, Broadband and Fixed Line customer data into individual account profiles for every residential and commercial customer.

The prioritization of REV’s data and AI-driven enriched profiles by Intent HQ enables REV to deliver richer and more personalized experiences to its customers. As a result, the successful deployment of Intent HQ’s solution continues to support REV in leveraging their valuable data assets and add new capabilities to:

  • Quickly identify customer needs and problems
  • Improve relevant marketing experience
  • Make better decisions to drive revenues and reduce cost

David Burrows, VP Media of REV said: “Working with Intent HQ has been a game-changer, and we’re making better decisions across every customer touchpoint. When I saw their Insights Explorer visualization, I nearly cried. It was so beautiful – it’s what I’ve been dreaming of for years! Our business punches way above our weight in the area of customer personalization – with help from Intent HQ we show the big guys how to do it.”

David Dockter, Head of Strategy and Analytics of REV added: “Customers drive us. In this industry, if you don’t change, you die: quick, ugly, brutal. Intent HQ is the real deal and has done exactly what they said they could do, helping to enable us to deliver richer personalized experiences for each of our customers.”

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