Kimera Systems Acquires Flick Launcher

Nigel AGI integrates with Flick Launcher to create the first human-machine interface while developing a future economic model.

Kimera Systems announces today its acquisition of Flick Launcher. Both, Kimera Systems (Kimera) and Flick Launcher (Flick) developer, Michele Lacorte have reached an agreement to acquire the application and all its assets.

Flick Launcher, an already popular home-screen replacement Android app, will now add Nigel AGI support. The AGI integration will, over time, produce human-like intelligence for hundreds of thousands of users along with the long-planned cryptocurrency reward introduction for sensor data provisioning. Flick Launcher will not only be the sole AI-powered home-screen replacement application, but also the first app that uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

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“The combination between Flick Launcher and Nigel AGI will be the impetus to challenging how humans and machines interact. Current user interface models are based on the idea of making it easy for people to find what they are looking for,” said Michele Lacorte, Founder, and Owner of Flick Launcher. “But what happens when the device understands what you are trying to accomplish? The UI paradigm changes completely”.

The reversal of the UI paradigm requires users to teach the AGI algorithm from the ground up. The idea that an Artificial General Intelligence will instantly grow exponentially into a superintelligence is a myth often promulgated by prominent individuals like Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

“If an AGI knew instantly how to read or do other tasks, it means it was pre-programmed with such tasks. And any pre-programmed task would bring undesired human biases and perspective to the AGI,” said Mounir Shita, Founder & CEO of Kimera Systems. “Nigel AGI is not pre-programmed with any tasks. It learns by observing everything from the ground up using its own senses and perspective of the world. Nigel is based on a new approach to artificial intelligence that fuses together a broad range of soft and hard sensor data, achieving moment-to-moment contextual awareness, allowing Nigel to learn and apply what it understands to real-world situations, much like a human does.”

To aid in educating Nigel AGI, Kimera has expanded its team to include early childhood educators with experience in educational AI.

“Think of Nigel AGI as a baby. For it to grow and learn complex knowledge, it first has to learn the fundamentals of life,” said Sandra Hoppenrath, member of the Nigel AGI educational team. “We will be translating human sensory based early childhood education to early AGI education based on their sensory network. The resulting curriculum will be made available to Early Access Program participants to help educate Nigel AGI”.

The Early Access Program (EAP) allows Flick Launcher users to participate in early Nigel AGI testing, education and access to any new technologies integrated into the AGI algorithm. This will include new crypto-economic concepts, emotion technology, and machine vision.

The EAP program represents a distinct initial coin offering (ICO) model focused on attracting users and driving real revenue vs. pure investment models. Since NigelCoins™ are backed by the AGI Intellectual Property (IP), active users educating Nigel AGI will realize the tangible value in the short term.

About Kimera:

Kimera Systems produces the world’s first human-like awareness technology to make phones and other networked devices smarter. As Kimera’s breakthrough technology Nigel™ learns, it becomes aware of people’s personal needs and the context of their activities. With this awareness, Nigel transforms passive apps and devices, which today require user inputs into a dynamic services environment that constantly adapts to individual needs. Nigel proactively launches apps and delivers information to assist people in their everyday lives.

About Flick Launcher:

Flick Launcher is an independent project born in 2017 from a very simple idea – make your phone really smart. Through gesture and a lot of customization, users must be able to customize every single component of the launcher, adapting it to their styles, in effect, customizing their own launcher. Flick now aims to automate some fundamental aspects of life thanks to Nigel and the collaboration with Kimera.

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