Art inspired by technology and robotic


Technology and robotics always inspired Italian artist Ruffo Caselli. Now, some of his oil paintings are available on Artprice.

Art curator Carmen Gallo has been working decades with Caselli, the father of Cybernetic Existentialism: she introduced in the United States and in South America his original 50 year’s vision and interpretation of the impact of technology on mankind through his oil-on-canvas paintings.

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Ruffo Caselli was born in Florence in the same house where Leonardo da Vinci worked and he was influenced by Florentine masters including Da Vinci "Da Vinci foresaw earthquakes and made inventions that contemporaries considered sheer madness. When I started to glue or paint microchips in the canvas, or to paint my human-like robots, I was considered eccentric, to put it mildly. Following the invention of microchips, I came to understand that humans are commanded by “programming” just like robots are programmed. In 1978 I even painted robots experiencing sexual attraction and only a handful understood the humour".

Carmen, who is now undertaking the project of compiling a catalogue raisonne’, illustrates the cybernetic themes and the brilliant humour shown in Ruffo’s canvasses where images and metaphors synthesize the human technological journey from Ancient Egypt to this modern age.

Fifty years ago Caselli began painting human-machines, robots appearing and acting like mankind as they propose existential questions. He clearly understood how greatly technology impacts the way we communicate with one another. "Robots have evolved much faster than us, we are more and more like them and they are becoming like us in many ways".

In his paintings they are presented with elegance and intelligent design, they are where the two paradigms meet.

“What energizes Caselli’s work,” says Carmen, “is his awareness of the constant struggle between the actual and the virtual as the world moves technologically forward at lightning speed”. This has become an obsession for the artist as he expresses himself with elegant irony through his work, that is sponsored by the Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Cybernetic Existentialism (http/

Ruffo Caselli maintains his original line of thought from 50 years ago as he presents art inspired by technological development and produces oil paintings that maintain a balance between man and robotic technology as he sees that dual co-dependency.

To see a few selected oil paintings by Ruffo Caselli, go to

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