and EFEKT to Create Amazing User Experience for Car Renters

Design is one of the most important elements of any eCommerce platform. We live in challenging times when it comes to running online businesses because companies are changing their design approach every day. It’s a race to find the sweet spot where they can claim they have achieved the happy journey status in a customer’s user journey – from arriving at the landing page to the last step where he decides to buy the product from you.

Finalrentals is an award-winning car rental platform based out of UAE and is looking forward to expanding to the EU by considering Poland as its flagship territory. Every region is special and has its own requirements and aesthetics when it comes to tailoring a product. Finalrentals is one of the 6 startups selected in the Poland Prize program (organized by Techseed and PARP) out of thousands of applicants.

When Ammar Akhtar, founder, and CEO of Finalrentals was looking for the right partner and agency in Poland he came across Efekt Agency and met Szymon Wesierski and they shared the same vision of creating a beautiful User Experience build with an effective User Interface.

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Ammar and Szymon agreed to build the most prolific user experience for the car rental industry and both companies will unleash their vision on August 15, 2019.

It is a unique partnership of two companies from different geographies who are working together to build the next generation experience for car renters around the world.

“We have worked with many companies, startups, and large organizations and have helped them do better with our unique approach towards design. When I met Ammar I felt great energy and passion and we are looking forward to working with Finalrentals to create the next generation of UI UX design for car rentals. We are looking forward to building the interface for Finalrentals that will be used by millions of car renters around the world for sure” said, Szymon Wesierski

“We are excited to join hands with Efekt Agency and we believe in the skills the company possesses under the smart and very creative leadership of Szymon. We are looking forward to creating the most amazing, authentic and easy user experience for our users around the world. Design is more than about how it looks; it’s also about how it works and makes you feel. And we want to make you feel great while you are using Finalrentals. Our landing page is live on and if you are looking to check our live website feel free to visit us at

Please feel free to subscribe so we can send you a welcome note as soon as we are life”, said, Ammar Akhtar

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