Asset-backed AmorCoin is Bridging the Gap

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Asset-backed AmorCoin is Bridging the Gap

Between Real World and Arcane World of Blockchain Technology.


Singapore, May 11, 2018 ( – On 3rd May, First Global Blockchain Summit, AmorCoin Global Community announced the following ICO, that will attempt to decentralize crypto transaction.

Since its earliest days, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum have been popular with speculators and computer programmers, but so far blockchain technology has struggled to find a place in the real world.

While there are a lot of forecasts that blockchain innovation will change everything from banking and finance to voting and elections, the truth has lingered a long ways behind the buildup. Presently another ICO wants to change all that, crossing over any barrier between the occasionally arcane universe of blockchain innovation and those real-world application.

Solving real-world problems with blockchain technology has not been an easy thing to do, but the promise is enormous. As web-based shopping turns out to be increasingly mainstream, one of the greatest difficulties is affirming conveyance and battling fraud. Progressively, the protection and well-being of online organizations depend on the accuracy of location information, and numerous users don’t understand how simple it is to spoof that information.

To become a Leader in Peer to Peer Decentralized Crypto Transaction Network

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AmorCoin Global Community: “Throughout the years, a number of companies have sought to eliminate the need for centralized hubs that control the flow of location-based information, but AmorCoin is taking a different approach.” in Global Blockchain Summit Forum in Cambodia.

Until now, attempts to improve the safety of online shopping and delivery have largely relied on protecting the devices that collect this data, but AmorCoin is taking a different approach. The AmorCoin is a new ERC20 coin that pledges to use blockchain technology to better the world. The fact that it is an ERC20 coin means that it is a subset of ethereum tokens, and runs on the ethereum.

The introduction of Ethereum brought about "smart contracts" which are transaction protocols that collapse payment and execution of an agreement into the same thing. However, Ethereum’s major drawback was that smart contracts need a centralized third-party for verification, making those contracts vulnerable to security breach. To eliminate this vulnerability, AmorCoin built the world’s first decentralized peer to peer transaction network around the world.

Instead of securing the flow of data at the source, the company seeks to create a peer to peer transactions network,whereby no transactions appear in a single centralized location. In doing so, AmorCoin hopes to bring the power of the blockchain to those location-based networks, targeting the millions of mobile devices in use around the world. To have a real decentralized blockchain, the transaction between AmorCoin users are simply via peer to peer network。

Many users who rely on GPS technology do not realize just how vulnerable these location-based networks really are. Consistently, criminals are focusing on GPS-empowered gadgets with cyber attacks, jamming, spoofing, and interference. The potential perils of these assaults are very self-evident, and security specialists fear they could obliterate overall systems and lead to enormous disruptions.

The bottom line is that AmorCoin wants to contribute to a better world, where transactions are more transparent and efficient than before. We all know that online payments are not always secure. The main issues with online transactions include everything from fraud to identity theft. There are even Fortune 500 companies that are constantly getting breached. These aren’t small criminal ventures by any means – there are many cases in which millions of people have data that have been breached. Most notably is Yahoo – where an absolutely astonishing 3 billion accounts were breached in 2013. Of course, these kinds of numbers prove that there is a large percentage of the world who was affected or at least potentially affected by this action. In this manner, people can use the AmorCoin to establish smart contracts on a decentralized network.

AmorCoin backed by Asset, to create Crypto Eco System.

This is one reason why AmorCoin is strategic, in that it is an asset-based coin. AmorCoin is an ambitious project that hopes to create a whole ecosystem, but it is important to note that there are real assets to back the coin. This is quite the selling point, especially when considering that the supply is limited to 250 million coins. The fact that AmorCoin will have a reserve also shows that AmorCoin understands the need for stability when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. Ever since the start of this ongoing ICO launch was announced, both private and institutional investors have expressed incredible enthusiasm.

AmorCoin truly understands that each coin has its own ecosystem, which is why it is so focused on creating an urban farm and a trading exchange, for example. The truth is that there are many ways that blockchain technology can help certain industries be accountable. There are many obvious examples. Here’s one – medical records can be protected in a new fashion, and provide a new layer of cybersecurity. This could mean that people can be more confident about the fact that their innermost and most private physical conditions are completely safe from their employer or insurance companies out for a buck. Another great example is the supply chain – the blockchain technology can help account for companies who are worried about inventory or making sure that no thefts occur. This is because blockchain can be linked to the Internet of Things, as well, which is – of course – another future trend that is bound to grow exponentially – as more and more devices connect to the internet. IoT technology is what would help AmorCoin’s smart farm, for example, which has the capability of being more than twice as productive as an outdoor farm. This has all sorts of revenue potential, as the resulting crops can be sold at supermarkets, a farm-to-table app can be developed for households, and restaurants can be potential clients of the farm’s goods. The blockchain technology can also help train the food specifically, offering a new level of accountability and sustainability.

One great advantage of the AmorCoin is that it is backed by real assets,and these are assets that will only be more valuable in decades to come.

About AmorCoin Community

With the concept of “ AmorCoin ”, we unify the world in different ways, roll out a new generation of technology, create a better future “AmorCoin” through communication, work together through AmorCoin Global Community, work together with “Love”. Extends to every corner of the world. This is the common vision of “AmorCoin" to love the people, love the world with common mission and passion, to make this world full of unselfish love, and to take up the next generation to live in a more loving new century。

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