Russia allows Cryptocurrency use in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Russia allows Cryptocurrency use in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The biggest sporting event of the year is just around the corner. Yes! You guessed it – as soccer fans expected, the hosting country is doing everything it can to attract tourists.

Russia will allow cryptocurrency payments for FIFA World Cup 2018, eleven of Russia’s cities will host the FIFA World Cup including Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, and Kaliningrad. Although the only city that announced using crypto payment is Kaliningrad, UniGame’s CEO Sean Shek truly believes that “Cryptocurrencies are now enjoying increased interest, gradually they will come into use as a means of payment. Anyone from anywhere should be able to pay for their services with the help of this innovative technology.”

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But if you are not going to Kaliningrad to the see the game live but still want to be part of the World Cup Glory, then come onboard with the fully licensed sport prediction platform UniGame, an innovative new secure peer-to-peer prediction platform using blockchain technology with no central party, providing a robust escrow and settlement service.

UniGame platform has exclusive licensing rights to hold the competition on Kun Lun Fight, IBF, Glory of Heroes and many more major sporting events around the Asia Pacific. Using its own UNC token, it will be the industry standard for a transparent and provably fairer sports prediction platform, the coin is available for purchase prior to the World Cup in Russia. These tokens will immediately be used as a value token by varies alliance sports prediction platform so that you can support your favorite team in no time.

No more credit cards, wire transfers, and other outdated payment mechanisms. UNC tokens will take their place and can always be sold and traded with coins such as bitcoin and ethereum.

UniGame and its UNC token allow savvy sports fans access to a variety of sporting events via the exclusive platform. There is a massive market for sports prediction games where the amounts exceed those that individual operators are prepared to risk. This system will provide the liquidity to enable these wagers to be placed as there are no system limits, wagers are then pooled so that varies participants can match a single wager.

Punters have no risk of operators who have insufficient funds to lay their wagers – in this system all wagers are pre-funded on both sides. And again, the system facilitates interactions between participants, not human operators. After purchasing the UNC tokens, placing the wager at the World Cup and seeing the wager pays off, punters can rest assured the winnings will be distributed as soon the wager results. Punters know that they will be paid their winnings, no fuss!

The target date for the launch of the fully fledged, much-awaited, UniGame platform that exclusively uses UNC will be on end of May 2018, but investors of the token will be able to use their UNC with other associated sports prediction or gaming platform before the official launch date.

Whether if you are World Cup soccer fan or crypto investors, enjoy the sport, enjoy the game. As we excitingly anticipate the first Crypto World Cup.


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