Ledgerium revolutionalizes the blockchain accounting world

In the world of accounting, and they’re proud of it.

They’ve found a way to harness the power and the decentralized nature of the Blockchain to make accounting more efficient, cost-effective and transparent.

It’s called the Ledgerium, and it’s a revolutionary way to bring Blockchain technology into the audit and accounting industry to promote changes.

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The Ledgerium not only provides an efficient way of managing accounting ledgers between any given parties, but it also includes much stronger security.

There are countless cases of auditing fraud annually, happening to firms around the world. The current system in the industry has serious defects related to conflicts of interest and the issue of trust,

A better system needed to be found. Enter Ledgerium’s (BaaS) software.

Blockchain technology is the perfect match for the accounting/auditing world. It’s the missing piece to make the financial world more transparent, efficient, and lower risk. What makes it so well suited for both accounting and auditing industries is its breakthrough technology. Built-in mathematical proof and decentralized databases eliminate the mistrust toward unaudited financial statements. The Blockchain-distributed data security, transparency, and immutability are all features presently needed by the accounting industry.

Ledgerium protects the public’s interests by focusing on innovation using the latest technology, in order to create sustainable, low-risk and highly dependable financial data. This will revolutionize traditional accounting procedures; build a stable credit mechanism; reform the accounting industry, and develop achievable and more efficient social resource collaborations.

The market for Ledgerium consists of those companies with a large number of debtors and creditors in their database; business and non-business entities that need to be audited; a small and medium business that need investments; certified public accountants and Blockchain related business.

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Website : http://www.ledgerium.net

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