CRYPTORIYA – The World’s First Global Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptoryia aims at providing a revolutionized exchange platform where cryptocurrency can be traded and exchanged to cash anywhere around the world. It will launch its first public pre-sale of its token on 15th of May. This is the first of its kind, as it gives users the enablement to exchange cryptocurrency to whichever currency they desire; cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Cryptoryia will enable users to make use of their cryptocurrency conveniently- not only in the digital world but also in real life. It will enable its users to have real life value of their cryptocurrency.
Cryptoria will start with 600 types of coin after launch, allowing users to have access to them. After which they will expand to 1600 currency to cover all available currency and provide all exchange pair.
In order to solve the problem of having multiple wallets for different tokens, cryptoriya wallet allows users to store up to 1600 tokens. This way, users get to save time and exchange over 1000 currency from a single wallet.

Also, cryptoriya wallet has a high security system. For this purpose, cryptoriya only uses a cold wallet; offline wallet for storage. To make the security even stronger, cryptoriya is accessible by using two factor authorizations. It cannot be accessed with email and passwords alone.

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This platform is definitely one of its kinds because it not only solves the problem of crypto-crypto exchange, it also solves the problem of crypto-bank deposits, crypto-cash, P2P exchange, and crypto-card top up.

15% of total tokens created will be allocated to early investors.

If you would like to know more about this project, please visit or you can check our whitepaper.

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