ATF Releases Its Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT), a Major Update To Its Mobile App.

  • Users can earn monetary rewards daily by executing tasks on the AsiaTokenFund (ATF) app.
  • Automated task-monitoring system (AMS) monitors user behavior on carrying out a task in the app to ensure users complete the task assigned.
  • Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT) works together with AMS to distribute the REWARD payment to user IMMEDIATELY.

Singapore based company AsiaTokenFund (ATF) has released its latest version of App Update; V.1.1.2 today globally. Its mission to make users participate more actively in the blockchain ecosystem resulted on the company direction to come up with a self-developed Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT) which allows users to get monetary rewards for doing simple task on the app.

Launched in early August 2019, AsiaTokenFund (ATF) have garnered over 17,000 mobile app downloads and active users who utilize its blockchain ecosystem such as e-wallet and crypto-fund-transfer function, daily news & market insights. AsiaTokenFund (ATF) started its journey as early as 2017 being a blockchain media and actively organizes blockchain events all over Southeast Asia. AsiaTokenFund (ATF) has close to 1 million subscribers and database.

In early 2019, the management team of AsiaTokenFund (ATF) decided to launch a one-stop-platform to make adoption and utilization of cryptocurrency so easy that any new-to-crypto newcomer can easily grasp and utilize cryptocurrency fully in one platform ecosystem. After 8 months of development, the company has fully launched its mobile application both for Android and iPhone called AsiaTokenFund which is an all-in-one function that contains blockchain media, Market Analysis, Cryptocurrency Wallet, OTC (Buy & Sell Crypto), Peer-to-peer transfer and QR Code payment at the merchant.

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Through its full mobile app launching, AsiaTokenFund also releases its own native cryptocurrency called ATF Token. ATF Token has been listed on Exchange since 13th August 2019.

ATF Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT)

The idea of rewarding users with monetary value rewards, in this case with cryptocurrency tokens, has always been a key idea of AsiaTokenFund founders. “What better way to encourage the public to see how easy it is to obtain and utilize cryptocurrency by letting them experience doing some task and getting instant rewards!” Said Ken N Co-Founder of AsiaTokenFund.

Traditionally, many projects or exchanges utilize airdrops by giving their users free tokens by simply carrying out a simple task which normally is registration or referral. Even so, the distribution of the airdrop token may sometime take time because, at the backend, the system is monitored manually by the project tech team.

With ATF Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT), the task to get rewarded can be even more complex such as reading a full news article, watching a full video ad, downloading advertiser mobile app, subscribing to advertiser product and many more.

With ATF Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT), The reward distribution to users is immediate, within seconds. Users who click and execute the task will receive the tokens instantaneously. With the BDT, the system ensures that users have completed each task completely and eliminate any bots usage or fraudulent activity through its Automated task-monitoring system (AMS). This also drives real users and provide maximum ROI for advertisers who only incur cost-per-downloads. The ATF platform offers two types of task, Daily Task, and Exclusive Task. Daily Task is simpler and more curated among the ATF ecosystem. In Exclusive Task, the platform works with external advertisers who aim to acquire users to download their App or Fill out a survey, etc.

“We feel that our users will appreciate receiving instant rewards when they carry out a simple task. Because traditional airdrop is too mainstream and failing. We also want to be able to support the high volume of users receiving the rewards, so we cannot afford to waste time and resources checking user eligibility one by one manually. We are all about intelligence and automation!” said Mr. Yong, Chief Architect and Co-founder of AsiaTokenFund.

AsiaTokenPoint (ATP), AsiaTokenFund’ s Stable Coin

As part of the introduction of AsiaTokenFund major upgrade of implementing the Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT), the company has also released its Stable Coin called AsiaTokenPoint with ticker symbol ATP. ATP is pegged at a stable price of USD 0.001 per ATP and will be utilized in the AsiaTokenFund (ATF) app ecosystem platform.

“Our first priority is to let people experience the speed and reliability of our platform. We are doing things slightly differently. We want our user to be able to exchange the reward token to other several tokens as well, this is in the pipeline when we work with other credible projects” Said Ken N, Co-founder of AsiaTokenFund.

Users who execute the daily task will receive the ATP reward token which will automatically and immediately be credited into their AsiaTokenFund cryptocurrency wallet. For a start, users can exchange the ATP tokens to ATF tokens within the app itself.

The ATF Blockchain Distribution Technology (BDT) has completed its beta-test in late August and is now fully launched in the AsiaTokenFund mobile app. Users can now start collecting rewards through the app after they download the AsiaTokenFund app either from the Google Play Store or Apple store.

Performance of AsiaTokenFund (ATF) on Exchange

With the recent announcement of the ATF app major update within the AsiaTokenFund community, ATF token has seen great performance and increase in trade volume on BiKi Exchange. In the last week of August, ATF has clinched Number 1 spot for 3 consecutive days as Top Rising Token on the Exchange. On the first week of September, ATF has again clinched the same record for another 3 consecutive days. ATF is confident that the community welcomes this new major app upgrade and the Blockchain Distribution Technology that has been launched in the first week of September. As more and more users start exploring and using ATF BDT, the company believe that ATF will continue being the top-performing rising token on the exchange.

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