Rational Golf Appoints STA International Performance Center China Distributor

Rational Golf LLC of Florida has just signed a distributor agreement with STA International Performance Center of Shenzhen, China. STA International Performance Center will deliver the revolutionary BioMatch One-Swing Golf Club Matching system directly to its customers as well as to golfers throughout China through a network of club fitters. Through BioMatch, STA International Performance Center will provide more accuracy and distance to all its customers, and thereby improve its competitiveness. Club Fitters interested in joining the revolution can contact Frank Chen, CEO of STA International Performance Center, at [email protected].

BioMatch offers effortless improvement to any golfer’s game by matching the golf clubs within the set and to the body of the golfer. The revolutionary system is applied to any golfer´s clubs, old or new.

The online algorithm, available at www.rational-golf.com, creates a model of the golfer swinging each of his or her clubs and thereby determines the optimum weight for each club. The target weight is achieved by adding a specific proprietary weight inside the shaft at the grip end of each club. BioMatch is the last step in the club fitting process.

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Once the weights are installed, the golfer´s game will improve effortlessly as he or she now only have to ingrain one swing in the subconscious mind. Steering of the club is no longer necessary and is discouraged. The method provides significantly better accuracy and slightly more distance to golfers at all levels. BioMatch is a must-have for any golfer who cares about their scores, or even the enjoyment of the game.

BioMatch replaces the arbitrary Swingweight method of matching golf clubs. The more scientifically inclined golf professionals do understand the problems the outdated Swingweight process creates and are welcoming BioMatch.

STA International Performance Center is now trained and fully equipped to implement the patented BioMatch method to its customers. Frank Chen has visited Rational Golf in Florida on two occasions to secure the deal and to learn the BioMatch system. STA International Performance Center are stocking weights and MOIG Instruments and is now set to revolutionize the club fitting business in China.

The founder of Rational Golf LLC of Florida and inventor of the BioMatch system, Gisle Solhaug, is excited to work with STA International Performance Center as golf is booming in China. Gisle Solhaug, of Rational Golf LLC, can be reached on [email protected]

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