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Unique story proposal about Aviation entrepreneur revolutionizing the big business: Gerald Lee CEO Modern Logistic

A former New York detective turned aviation entrepreneur and airline executive is revolutionizing the big business of transporting goods in Brazil where shoddy infrastructure presents a costly, time consuming, logistical nightmare that is hindering economic growth.

Everybody hears about how Brazil is a regional powerhouse, but a lesser-known fact is that only 15 percent of roads are paved in the country. Lacking infrastructure is a serious issue that significantly increases costs and delays commerce for global and local businesses.

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Modern Logistics bridges Brazil’s infrastructure gap enabling companies to reach customers and locations they never could before in a timely and cost-effective manner by air.

It is the one-stop-shop for logistics solutions in Brazil, a $US 280 billion market.

Brazil was the only country out of the world’s largest GDP’s without a full-service logistics supplier with its own airline before Modern Logistics emerged and dramatically transformed the way of doing business in the country.

This is a serious game-changer in Brazil where commerce hemorrhages billions of dollars a year due to infrastructure inefficiency.

The founder of Modern Logistics, Gerald Lee, is a colorful character with a fascinating story that will resonate with your audience and keep them engaged.

A former New York undercover police officer turned senior JetBlue executive, Lee Co-Founded Azul Airlines, Brazil’s third-largest airline, before starting Modern Logistics.

“We are the first company that is integrating logistics with aviation in Brazil, a one-stop-shop. Our unique structure and business model allow us to create infrastructure. Meaning our clients can get to places that others aren’t getting to in a time frame that nobody else can,” Lee said this week.

As an example he said it can take a major company week to get products to the central west region of Brazil by road while Modern Logistics gets the job done in just 24 hours.

Modern Logistics is the only supply-chain provider with a fleet of freighter aircraft in Brazil servicing more than 200 cities across the country.

With 4 planes already in operation, it plans on a having 35 – 40 in next 5 years.

The company also employs a network of 14,000 integrated trucks.

“We are a market maker helping redesign the value chain using our ability to create almost instant infrastructure behind an air network,” Lee said.

Modern Logistics currently serves about 100 companies that are leaders in biotech, automotive, smartphone, electronics, and finance industries. Clients include Harley Davidson and Boston Scientific.

“The transformative nature of what we are doing, solving the most basic underlying problem in Brazil, helps create prosperity in the country, drives efficiencies, opportunities and helps more people participate in the economy,” Lee said.

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