AWE Learning Launches New Products for Early Learning

AWE Learning announced today the release of their new digital learning solutions: Early Literacy Station™ Platinum, available in both English and Bilingual Spanish for ages 2-8, and AfterSchool Edge™ Platinum for ages 6–12. Bilingual French Literacy Station Platinum will be coming mid-2019. Like the flagship Early Literacy Station™, and AfterSchool Edge™, Platinum provides public libraries a safe and interactive learning environment for their youngest patrons. Each product is a plug-and-play device that requires no internet connection for use.

With technology and curriculum always changing in the classroom, AWE Learning has done the research to provide users with the best and most up-to-date content, to help prepare young learners with school readiness skills, and help them excel in the classroom. Each product features brand new interactive interfaces and avatars, to immediately engage young patrons in their educational journey.

“We are so excited to introduce Platinum. By partnering with leading software publishers, we are able to offer a variety of premier educational content for our target age group and markets’, said Deborah B. Sorgi, Ed.D, President & CEO of AWE Learning. “Learning does not only take place in the classroom. In today’s globally connected world, critical skills are learned and mastered all day long. Our new content, featuring coding, handwriting, cyber safety, a variety of e-books, and more, will give young learners access to STREAM-aligned educational content. We have no doubt that young patrons everywhere will greatly enjoy interacting on these exciting new titles.”

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The Early Literacy Station™ Platinum and AfterSchool Edge™ Platinum, are pre-loaded with more than 75 brand new educational software titles spanning all STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math) subject areas. Early learners can learn to code with RoboGarden’s tutorials, activities, and quizzes, or learn cyber safety with Garfield, covering online privacy, safe posting, and cyberbullying. With more than 50 new e-books, children can practice reading, or listen to non-fiction and fiction stories, including poetry, autobiographies, nursery rhymes, and more! Young learners will be able to practice writing and drawing by tracing uppercase and lowercase letters and words (including cursive writing!), shapes, and numbers!

Both products are available as an All-In-One workstation or Tablet device. With access to an online Customer Portal, libraries can easily view utilization statistics to demonstrate return on investment. AWE Learning understands that space often limits what can be offered to young patrons in the community. New bundle options allow libraries to purchase a base product and add on additional packages to offer more content to early learners! Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Now, you can provide your early learners with the best digital tools to continue their learning beyond the school day! The STREAM content on Platinum is guaranteed to deliver hours of learning, and hours of fun!

For more information about AWE Learning’s new products, please visit or call 888-293-0272.

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AWE Learning provides comprehensive digital learning and early literacy solutions for young children in public libraries across the United States. Our mission is to inspire an enthusiasm for learning by supporting school readiness and literacy in the community. Through our dedication to high quality, STREAM-aligned content that is easy to use, we collaborate with libraries to highlight their role as community leaders in the pursuit of learning.

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