HTL Will Launch The Next Generation Of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Wall

As part of its 4K LED video wall solution campaign, HTL, one of the biggest LED display screen factory in China, will launch three new narrow pixel pitch product series at next week on 20th, March 2019.

Featuring the latest in Integrated Matrix Device (IMD) and Common Cathode (CC) technologies, the new HX Series (1.5mm) and TH Series (0.9mm) provide five times the strength as traditional led video wall whilst consuming 20% less power. By combining the two technologies in an innovative way, HTL Display has further reduced the pixel pitch of its led video wall whilst ensuring maximum durability.

A new generation of fine pixel solutions

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HTL’s new Series 1.5mm is the company’s first NPP display that has been specially designed to meet the growing demand for sub-2mm fine-pitch LED in rental staging. Supporting HDR10 (high-dynamic-range) standard, the HX 1.5mm allows for a much broader range of colours, while being road-rugged thanks to its corner edge protection. In addition, the HX 1.5 is also ideal for fixed installations due to its 27.5” cabinet size, achieving a 16:9-aspect-ratio. This makes it easy to replace existing LCD video walls as well as supporting full front service to meet the needs of AV system integrators for fixed installs.

Finer decision making for today’s control rooms

The TH 0.9mm has been designed to provide the highest detail to support mission-critical decision-making in secure operations. The product is ideally suited for the corporate / control room sectors, featuring true pixel-to-pixel HD in 4K and 8K, while achieving high grayscale at low brightness levels via CrystalView technology.

Creating the ultimate meeting experience

The final product Kcolor is an all-in-one led video panel solution specifically developed for meeting rooms, event spaces and lecture theatres, designed to empower presenters and captivate audiences. Boasting higher brightness, contrast and colour saturation than traditional projectors and LCD displays, which can be typically found in such spaces, It comes in 5 different standard sizes ranging from 110" to 220" including 4K compatibility.

The mass production of three products will be underway soon next month, and we accept preorders to give you fast delivery.

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About HTL display:

HTL display is one of the largest led display screens in China, offering both indoor and outdoor led screens for fixed and mobile usage.

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