BELDEX: A Complete Decentralized Crypto Ecosystem

Big Data and Blockchain Technology has changed the way we live our lives. As a result of the continuous hard work of the Beldex team, they have succeeded in creating a cross-functional and “outside the box” platform. They have enhanced the already existing cryptocurrency ecosystem into something more special.

Beldex, a startup initiated at Hong Kong, has now released a multi-purpose blockchain decentralized ecosystem. With such a decentralized ecosystem, Beldex is looking forward to increasing the usage by motivating the public towards the implementation of cryptocurrency across the world. It offers a secure and trustworthy platform for traders to buy or sell crypto-tokens through any of the popular payment methods.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency go hand-in-hand. As far as the Beldex in concerned, its Coin Technology is another world in itself. It has managed to develop a coin (or coin) that enables privacy for its network. This coin has the ability to make transactions anonymous. This coin can be used for both traceable and untraceable transactions.

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The Beldex coin is based on the RingCT technology and also implements Cryptonight POW hash algorithm (POS will be implemented soon). It is a much-secured crypto-coin as the privacy of the sender is protected.

All the transactions are secured by implementing the ring confidential transactions, which revamps the amount by multiplying them with a random number generator function through a process known as Pedersen commitment.

This coin also provides support for a special feature known as the Atomic swap, which enables users to exchange the coins for other coins available in the market.

Some amazing features of Beldex Privacy Coins are – Trustworthiness, Blockchain Franchise, Conditional Transactions, and Untraceable Roots.

Blockchain and Decentralization have come together to improve upon one of the inseparable part of the industry as well as of human life, i.e. taxi services, delivery services.

Bel Trips is a taxi service offered by Beldex, which is based on the blockchain technology. It provides services at more flexible rates as compared to other taxi services. It essentially means that with Bel Trips the fare will get automatically adjusted as per the time, distance and location.

With emerging technology, the concept of delivering products and services to the far and local customers is also changing every day. Bel Needs is Beldex’s venture into the world of delivering goods of daily needs to the consumers. It is a reliable and fast delivery service. This service is mainly designed to deliver products and services to widespread and local customers, especially in places where other delivery services are not functional.

Beldex is aware of the fact that the cryptocurrencies are not so much popular in daily life and does not support regular services. As a result of which the currency holders will not be able to use the digital currency in everyday life.

Therefore, Beldex tries to find out a solution to this problem in the form of providing debit cards to the coin holders. The coin holders will now be able to use that debit card to spend coins, even at those locations where the existing platform is not reachable.

To complement its Utility Debit Cards, Beldex has also launched an e-wallet. Which is secured and ensures customers about their fund’s security. The wallet and the exchange services, both will be connected to the debit card offered by the Beldex so that the customers can easily withdraw money.

Apart from offering all these services, Beldex has also successfully managed to resolve several shortcomings in its area of expertise. It now provides so many advantages over other cryptocurrencies. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Reduced cost: Beldex charges very minimal transaction fees as compared to the other digital platforms.
  • Secured Identity: There is no threat of identity theft. It focuses on securing the identities of the clients. However, others can only view the transactions made but the identity will be safe.
  • Peer-to-Peer Transaction: Beldex coins are developed on the basis of blockchain technology which does not involve any third party. This makes transaction secure and easily accessible for the individuals.

Beldex has had a very optimistic start to this year as they have worked to put together an outstanding whitepaper and release it well in advance of the ICO launch. Through the first half of this year, they have managed its ICO launch and cryptocurrency exchange listings. Next, they hope to deal with their mainstream coin trading and subsequently close the Beta Launch of Decentralized Hybrid Exchange. Bel Needs is soon to be launched. Through the course of the next year, they plan to release Hybrid Decentralized Exchange, both internally and commercially. This will follow the distribution of physical debit cards later next year.

Beldex has a very strong social media presence.

It can be contacted through any of their social media handles – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium and Telegram.

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