AgoraMesh Addresses Personal Data Privacy Concerns with the Launch of New Messaging App

AgoraMesh, an innovative startup addressing personal data privacy concerns in the messaging industry and aimed at transforming mobile data communication, announced today that version one of the AgoraMesh app will launch in January 2019 for iOS and Android.

The AgoraMesh application will offer users free and secure chat functionality, and a unique geolocation feature. All messages are AES-256 end-to-end encrypted and user data is not stored on Cloud servers. Additionally, users will not be profiled for any advertising purposes or analytics sales.

The geolocation element of the app allows users to share their location with their contacts. Overlay maps of festival and events will allow users to navigate, while also being able to locate their contacts in a crowd.

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As Josh Rogers, CEO of AgoraMesh, explains, “We want to address the extensive data privacy concerns prevalent among users of major communication apps today – which is why AgoraMesh places data privacy and security at the forefront. We believe our geolocation functionality creates the perfect blend of interactive and social navigation that is currently missing for consumers at events and festivals.”

The next version of the app will implement “mesh networking” which will allow users to send and receive messages without an Internet connection. Devices running the app will operate as relaying nodes, expanding the range of this functionality significantly. This not only ensures an even higher level of data security but also enables modern communication for off-grid events and remote locations.

Josh Rogers further explained that “Data transmission without a direct Internet connection opens a lot of doors. For example, remote settlements in regions without Internet access could communicate locally, or after a disaster scenario where networking infrastructure may be damaged or restricted, both victims and rescuers could retain a form of communication.”

About AgoraMesh

AgoraMesh is on a path to make secure and encrypted day-to-day messaging accessible and free – while providing practical geolocation social features and integrating event data into the app’s map. The company’s roadmap is extensive, with plans to integrate mesh networking in mid-2019, allowing app users to communicate with each other even without direct Internet access. In late 2019, AgoraMesh is poised to launch their AgoraMeshNetwork (AGN) – a peer-to-peer mesh network for all connected devices.


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