Virtual Operations Announces the Launch of VIP

By providing instant access to its suite of advanced-automation products and services, Virtual Operations believes that VIP will ensure its clients maximize the full potential of their automation projects and programmes. From advanced virtual workers, combining RPA and cognitive AI as a service, to around-the-clock maintenance and support, training, methodology and commonly deployed automated solutions, VIP is designed to provide automation clients with access to what they need when they need it.

CEO of Virtual Operations, James Swinford, adds, “VIP has been born out of client demand. Very simply, it provides access to products and services designed to maximize robot productivity. It is also hassle-free, plugin and you are ready to play. VIP goes beyond RPA as a service, it provides all of the automation tools, technologies, and services you will need to deliver an intelligent automation programme. Perhaps the most exciting aspect is the Robot Minute (™) where our clients pay for automation on a pay as you go basis – only paying when the robots are delivering value.”

Established in 2012, Virtual Operations is the world’s leading specialist in intelligent process automation. With deep-rooted knowledge built up from advising on, delivering and supporting thousands of automation projects and programmes for clients, Virtual Operations has unparalleled skills and experience in the global automation market. It combines advanced automation technologies with process excellence to help find and deliver sustainable value from the automation of work.

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