Best-selling tech author launches Bitcoin basics course to foil hackers, scams and thieves

The world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is rampant with claims of incredible profits, unbeatable trading systems, and predictions from overnight "experts." Early investors and non-technical newcomers have lost literally millions of dollars by falling victim to simple technical errors and unethical con artists.

Where should people turn if they want the real truth? For people who don’t have the time to get a degree in blockchain technology, but still need honest answers about how Bitcoin, blockchain and other digital tokens and assets work, now there’s a trustworthy solution.

Peter Kent, the author of SEO for Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet and many other popular technical reference books, has now launched a comprehensive 8-hour video course to teach non-technical users about the power and potential of cryptocurrencies.

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Kent’s new course, titled Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple, was created in response to the continuing media reports about crypto thefts and hacks, as well as the general public’s misunderstanding of basic facts surrounding the crypto ecosystem. As someone who has spent most of his career helping "non-geeks" understand and use technology, Kent decided video was the best medium for the job.

Want to buy Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Monero or any of the other 2000 digital currencies in circulation? You need to know how to buy, sell and store your new assets safely. Crypto Clear shows you how to choose an exchange, which wallets are the safest, and how to make transactions secure and efficient.

Want to start a company, or get a job in the blockchain industry? Then you need a basic education in how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work together to create new business and financial models. Crypto Clear shows you how blockchain is different from other types of databases and networks, and why that might be critical to the future of business and finance.

Curious about how Bitcoin and crypto might change the way our societies view money and conduct transactions? Is there a real possibility for blockchain technologies to revolutionize business and culture?

Crypto Clear gives investors, entrepreneurs and the general public the information they need to make up their own minds about the future of money, whether they want to invest in digital assets, and whether blockchain might provide a superior solution for existing business obstacles.

Most crypto enthusiasts built their expertise with months of research and reading, from blog posts to videos to discussion forums. Now newcomers can finally get a complete foundation in blockchain and cryptocurrency in one location, from a respected and trustworthy source.

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