SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting software launched Version 17: Training Day held on 8th October

On 8th October 2018, SapphireOne, an Australian ERP Business Accounting software company launched Version 17 in the Ros Packer room of the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club. See what happened at the SapphireOne Launch Version 17 –

Performance Improvements

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There are some amazing performance improvements in the large processing functions in version 17. For example, when processing Month End or Business Activity Statement (BAS SBR2), which historically have been two of the more time-consuming processes in the SapphireOne ERP, now there are some dramatic increases in performance of up to ten times than earlier versions.

New BAS SBR2 and STP working with ATO, adding your AUSkey to SapphireOne

SapphireOne version 17 incorporates the ATO Standard Business Reporting SBR2, Single Touch Payroll STP and Tax File Declaration TFN for SapphireOne users who have installed their AUSkey into their SapphireOne datafile. These clients now benefit from what used to be a very time-consuming task with the ATO business portal, where they often had to reinstall java or change browsers frequently so they could lodge their BAS. Now with SapphireOne, there is no requirement for a browser as the interface seamlessly connects to the ATO.

SPS Commerce Fulfilment EDI Integration

SPS Commerce’s integrated end-to-end EDI solution, automatically populates orders into version 17 of the Sapphire and SapphireOne ERP accounting software system, while checking for errors when sending and receiving transactions. It also verifies that all transactions were sent and received successfully, providing critical process controls for vendors and suppliers. Implementing SPS commerce’s fulfilment EDI has brought many benefits into SapphireOne. It has reduced or eliminated manual data entry, saved chargeback penalties, streamlined inventory management, increased the speed time-to-market (TTM) delivery, boosted productivity without increasing staff, expedited receipt verification, improved record-keeping processes. The overall result is greater competitiveness, which will help SapphireOne users to be a major player in the market with larger enterprise retailers.

Web Pack upgrade

Version 17 of the Sapphire Web Pack has seen an upgrade of the original web interface bringing the application a fresher look to users. This includes a scalable interface which allows for minimal change of user interface from smaller devices such as iPhones through to web browsers being used on large monitors linked to desktop computers. Some new features such as the Sapphire Market WebPack, Leave Request, Time Sheets, Stock List, and Stock Count have given users more functionality to access using this popular Sapphire product.

Single Document Interface (SDI)

With the release of Version 17, SapphireOne has now implemented SDI Single Document Interface. This new interface provides a new menu navigator which allows for every data entry screen, inquiry and reporting, and processing screens to be opened simultaneously. This is a major advantage for those power users who require to run reports while still being able to make inquiries and process data entry.

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