BiaCon will be innovative operator through their tested e-sim solutions for worldwide internet usage

E-sim means embedded sim that means that there is no physical plastic sim card that we have gone used to. Normal sim card has been replaced to much smaller embedded sim chip on the circuit board. With BiaCon e-sim solution we can bring worldwide internet connection that will change to the best available operator in seconds. This means that you don’t have to wait anymore for your traditional sim card to find a partner operators link and we all know that this can be time-consuming.

Future Proof

BiaCon products and even traditional sim are future proof. This can be achieved with the smart platform to control the sim card and on the hardware level, the radio chip can be easily changed to support even 5G. The speeds that are supported are the same as in the history of mobile phones 3G/4G/LTE-A/ 5G. But the main thing in BiaCon sim cards, e-sim and products is stable connectivity wherever you are. It’s not always the speed itself.

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Have you ever been in a place that your phone shows no service? This is due to the lack of cell towers that are supported by your operator. If your service provider has no partner or their own cell tower, depending on the mobile phone technology, 22 miles from you, no service is quite normal. With BiaCon solutions, you have the possibility to reach as far as 32-60 miles. When you also have a possibility to connect to any cell tower, now you have the best coverage at your disposal.

Innovative Products

BiaCon products have a built-in solution with in house made technology. Like antennas,

e-sim and hardware. Combining all this into military grade product you will stay connected at all times. How we use our phones nowadays is mostly data. Calls and messages can be done with phone applications solely with the data side. The normal phone call is no longer necessary but having data in your fingertips can do it all. You can browse the internet, send messages, call, video call, send an email and handle your social media. That means that data has become the most important aspect of phone usage.

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