Top Selling Uber Clone Script – 2019

In the first place, Uber has decelerated the losses and progressively brought up $ 11.3 Billion revenue in 2018, which is approximately 43 % hike on their revenue over the year. I won’t say there is no condemnation regarding the service but still Uber conquered the contrary circumstances to be a spearhead.

To make it simple, every one of us has to acknowledge the fact that, as long as smartphone usage lifetime is escalating, the convenience service like Uber, Ola, Lyft will get geared up.

This is why many entrepreneurs prefer to do business like Uber or deploying the Uber concept in their business. Not to mention, now or then the success story of your taxi dispatch business is based on the quality of the clone script you chose.

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So our team after sublime research, found Top selling Uber clone scripts with premium qualities which is adaptable for the business.

Top Selling Uber Clone Script – 2019

Gofer Product From Goferzone

It seems Gofer is the product from Trioangle Technology and specialised themselves as Goferzone for the Uber related products. Earlier there weren’t many updates in their Uber clone script. But right now the script got revamped with most required features like SOS, Surge pricing, Chat option, Manual taxi dispatcher, Multiple payment gateway, ride scheduling and others. Customization is their pillar of strength in their script.

The script is also compatible with other platforms like iOS, Android and web. With the user-friendly interface, they hold appreciable trust from many users at an affordable cost.


Eber From The Elluminati

Their admin dashboard is neat and well structured, some unique features like gender-based, unique handicapped, or bay seat option are avail. The script is avail in iOS android and web format and for the commencement of business in a short span this would be the better choice.

But their cost will make you think twice about your decision, even route optimization, dispute management comes under addons. but when you are done with the source and installation process, you can try it either.


Cabily From Zoplay

Zoplay has been in this field for more than 7 years and their strong back end coding with their team support has deserved a seat in the top 5 scripts. The much-required features for taxi dispatch like ride scheduling, social media integration, in-app navigation is encompassed.

Most importantly Uber for X script for the on-demand business is their specialities. Their platform compatibility package includes iOS, Android and web as well.


Taxi Pickr From Agriya

Taxi pickr has been enclosed with premium features like car search, tracking, wallet, fare estimation, payment and security. Their speciality is, the script performs well according to the search engine.

One year free updates and free installation is provided from their side for their customers.

Spotnrides From Uplogic Technology

This prebuilt solution, which is scalable and supports 100 % customization. Even the prefered driver selection option is also included in their script. There seem to be additional features which are not in Uber but that is related to taxi dispatch venture is avail.

This script also supports Uber for X to the extent.

Almost every one of the vendors whom I listed above has their demo credentials on their website. Check out their uniqueness and UX, and if you are about to start the business in 2019 in the transportation field, then all the very best.

NOTE: If there are additional products let’s discuss in the comment section.

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