Blockchain Development Company In India

Bitdeal a leading and monopoly blockchain development company, covering 100+ international countries Including the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Singapore, and Japan to serve the potential clients who are enthusiastic about implementing blockchain technology for their real-life use cases. We have gained our brand reputation through implementing the blockchain as a service (BaaS) for businesses to improve their quality as well as quantity of business operations.

We started to strive into this industry from 2015 with just limited goals, and Initially, we started to serve BaaS for only limited countries (i.e) nearly 30-40 countries. But, the unexpected growth of people grace in blockchain implementation, have inspired us to expand our services to serve 100+ countries around the world.

Our expertise in Familiar Blockchain Networks

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We often keep a keen eye on the ever grooming blockchain industry, Our team of tech intelligence has witnessed there are 10+ blockchain networks have emerged. Hence we started to implement and start serving hot to our clients by doing proper R&D. Currently, we are under beta development of developing blockchain applications, tokens and smart contracts in Tezos Blockchain.

  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • TRON
  • EOS
  • IPFS
  • Minter
  • Multichain
  • Corda
  • R3
  • Cosmos
  • Open Chain
  • Quorum
  • Stellar

We are Experts In Private Blockchain Development

Private blockchain is advanced to the public blockchain concept. Here the authority of read/write and moderating access has been issued to a single entity or a group of people. As there exists a central authority in private blockchain, it breaks the prime nature of public blockchain ” Decentralization”. Hence this kind of ledger technology will be known as distributed data ledger interoperates with cryptography functionalities.

As the private blockchain breaks the concept of “Decentralization” It breaks the common difficulties that we used to face while applying the blockchain concept for private usage.

  1. No one has the right to read/ write/ edit a transaction or a consensus unless he/she has the permission to do it. Hence this type of blockchain is known as Permissioned blockchain.

  2. The time is taken to verify a single transaction will take less time, as it eliminates the multiple verifications from multiple nodes.

  3. Fully Secured. Only if we don’t allow third parties to access the network.

We Bitdeal- a reputed blockchain development company, who are the monopoly and the one who initiated to provide blockchain services for the first time in South Asia. We are having a troop of expert blockchain developers, who are familiar with custom blockchain application development for different types of industry verticals.

Our Other Blockchain Solutions

Smart contract Development
Token Development
Dapp Development
P2P Exchange Application Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Decentralized Exchange Development

STO Development
ICO Development
Crypto Coin Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

– Binance Clone Script

– Bithump Clone Script

– Coinbase Clone Script

and Other Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts

Explore Our Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

We are much aware that blockchain is gonna the tech ruler of the modern world, and it is going to lead the world’s Digital transformation through Industry 4.0 revolution. We understand our client’s requirements and hunt for the best possible way to incorporate the blockchain technology in a real-life use cases or for business use cases. We have a team of 100+ expert blockchain developers who can consistently and dedicatedly work for you to bring the best results.

Let’s travel into the Digital World with Bitdeal’s Blockchain Solutions!

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