CGS Infotech Announces Launch of Free G-Suite & Google Cloud Support

Mumbai, Oct 22, 2018 ( – Global technology enterprise CGS InfoTech has announced that it will provide free consulting, training and advisory support for G-suite related issues to any user from October to December 2018. CGS InfoTech is one of the industry leading brands that offers its customers G Suite expert consultation, training, set up and deployment powered by an excellent customer support system. Also, the brand takes the pride to become an authorized partner with Google.

The journey of CGS InfoTech began in 1995 with the support of skilled experts in the domain of web hosting, email hosting and other related fields in the web service industry. The brand has eventually helped numerous business groups regardless of its size. As a web solution provider, CGS always lays emphasis to help its clients simplify the way they do business and reach a higher level of success. Today the team of CGS includes 7- full-time permanent staff members and hundreds of consultants connected with its 4 global offices at Mumbai, Dubai, United States, Vancouver, Canada.

"We serve customers of all size. Even if a company needs one single G-suite ID or access, we provide it. Our larger customers use our G-suite expertise for 100s of their enterprise user." explained Ms. Pratibha Pandit responsible for G-suite customer satisfaction with CGS InfoTech.

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G suite brings powerful yet simple communication and collaboration tools to brands and organizations of different sizes. All of these are hosted by Google to streamline setup reduce IT costs and minimize maintenance. When it comes to CGS InfoTech, the brand gives immense effort to offer customer satisfaction. It has attained product training from Google’s headquarter in Delhi to deliver cutting-edge services to its clients.

With the launch of the free hotline for G-suite users, CGS continues to excel in its mission to provide cutting-edge tools for the success of every business.

"Free G-suite support hotline is our way of expressing gratitude for tremendous commitment business users have to discover and use reliable apps for email, collaboration and messaging." shared Mr. Abhi Ranade of CGS InfoTech’s G-Suite team. For more information visit

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