Chargelist To Help EV Users Find Charging Stations And Make Hassle-Free Payments

Nethority Technologies Pvt Ltd has announced the launch of Chargelist – A one-stop solution for EV users. This is the first-ever portal in India which will help EV users to find the nearest EV Charging Station, make payments and have a hassle-free journey. Users can also buy charging equipment and can set up residential and portable EV charging stations. Chargelist is on a verge to make a revolution in the electric vehicle solution industry.

With the arrival of new EV Policy in India, there is an enhancement in EV Charging Station companies and networks. These new policies will encourage people to go for an electric vehicle. Additionally, the GST reduction from 12 percent to 5 percent on EVs and from 18 percent to 5 percent on EV chargers has made it more affordable for consumers.

According to the statement made by Transportation Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, he aims to move India to 100% Electric cars by 2030. Considering all these factors, it can be accurately stated that the demand for EVs and charging stations will go high in the coming year.

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Chargelist provides the real-time public, private and community charging stations on the map. Using their ChargePe wallet for payment and cashback, it becomes very easy to make payments and save some bucks through cashback programs and offers. On Chargelist, users can also buy charging products and solutions.

"Indian Government has taken the commendable initiative to enhance EVs in India. Chargelist is created to contribute to this initiative and to help EV users have trouble-free trips. Through Chargelist, EV users will never have trouble finding charging stations, spending a lot on vehicle charging and buying charging facilities. Chargelist is a one-stop destination for EV users "stated Ruturaj Kohok, Founder and CEO Nethority Technologies Pvt Ltd.

"Our focus is user experience, user satisfaction and to serve the best to the EV owners," said Nitin Nagar, Co-founder, and CTO.

Chargelist will encourage people to go for Electric Vehicles and provides them complete solution to EV charging. Shifting from a fuel-based vehicle to an electric vehicle is a great initiative towards the betterment of the environment. Chargelist wishes to contribute its best to this cause.

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