DDC AS Ltd Launches SmartRedact

Today DDC Analytic Solutions (DDC AS), a leading provider in automated information management, discovery and compliance, are launching SmartRedact.

SmartRedact is a solution designed to automatically highlight and redact sensitive information that can easily be missed by the human eye and save valuable time.

Developed by machine learning specialists, SmartRedact can identify key terms and phrases that are frequently redacted and add them into its redaction directory to provide an easier, faster, more accurate redaction process.

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The intelligent software can also automatically redact terms and phrases that have been manually added to the directory allowing for complete control and eliminating disclosure risk.

The introduction of the GDPR has enabled the public to carry out a free subject access request (SAR) which a company must satisfy within 30 days. Many businesses have felt the pressure of this, receiving numerous SARs a week. Businesses are able to easily perform search queries within their databases but are unable to efficiently search for information within unstructured data sources such as email inboxes or document folders.

Simple and easy-to-install, SmartRedact can also be combined with RiskView, to deliver a painless subject access request (SAR) process. Providing a platform to unearth information hidden within your unstructured data sources – delivering an extremely thorough discovery process.

The time-consuming SAR process doesn’t end there, as the documents must then be examined for references to any other person and confidential business information which then must be redacted. Here is where a breach can easily take place, as the person carrying out the redaction function may not be aware of what may be sensitive to the business, therefore leaving room for error. The SAR process has been known to take longer than 30 days and will continue to increase costs across the business. SmartRedact eliminates disclosure risk and helps businesses to reduce the time taken to deliver the information back to the requestor.

“Our years of expertise in building data intelligence software for business-critical solutions makes SmartRedact a vital solution for a range of markets. For organisations looking to increase productivity and drive efficiencies, this is the ideal product,” said Jan Trevalyan, co-founder of DDC AS.

“We are pleased that our product can now help organisations take concrete steps towards implementing their compliance, with tangible proof that they are taking action.”

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