Cloud SIM’ is the cheapest way of making international calls

Cloud SIM, a revolutionary mobile phone app, has emerged as the UK customer’s cheapest option for making international calls. The app provides users with a real mobile number which they can use to call any mobile or landline number in the world.

A call to an Indian mobile number or landline costs only 0.9p/minute and an SMS costs 4.2p/message. Most international SIM card providers charge at least twice as much for making calls and up to 4 times for sending SMS. The app itself is free.

Cloud SIM started out as a ‘virtual SIM’ app, allowing users to have up to 4 different numbers on the same mobile. This was to meet the growing demand for people wanting separate work and personal numbers. But it is the app’s affordable and high-quality international calling service that is attracting the most attention from customers.

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According to the market research firm, Tele Geography, international calling traffic has quadrupled since 2000, driven by increasing globalization. The market has been dominated by expensive international calling card providers, but Cloud SIM app has the potential to disrupt it.

CEO, Saran Sathiyadurai said, “The market for international calling is ripe for innovation. For years, international calling cards and sim cards were the only option customers had. While their call quality is reliable, they overcharge customers through exorbitant calling rates and hidden fees. Cloud SIM app is here to change that.”

Cloud SIM’s other competitors are smartphone apps like WhatsApp. But they have their own limitations when it comes to making international calls.

“Users find it painful to use WhatsApp for calling. The quality is unreliable and the calls often drop. The receiver of the call also needs to have a smartphone with an internet connection and WhatsApp installed. With Cloud SIM app, you can make a call to any mobile phone or landline in the world. It’s like having a real mobile number, just without needing an extra SIM.”

Using Cloud SIM app is an easy, 3-step process. Users simply have to download the app (which is available on both iOS and Android platforms), verify their mobile number and top-up their account. All of this can be done sitting at home within a few minutes and doesn’t require an inconvenient visit to a SIM card shop.

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