Fuzion Capital FC s.r.l. Announces Formation of Strategic Advisory Board

Fuzion Capital is excited to announce it has formed an Advisory Board to assist in implementing the Company’s current plans and preparation to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

Fuzion Capital is a decentralized digital asset management portal that consolidates the exchange, mining, payments and more into a centralized portal for consumers. We are building the leading gateway to blockchain-based financial services.

The members of our new strategic advisory board bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from a variety of industries and will be instrumental resources to the Leadership Team, strengthening our ability to deliver a top-tier digital asset management platform.

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The appointments are:

AML Compliance: Garry has over 34 years of policing experience, having worked in roles such as the National Director for the RCMP’s (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Proceeds of Crime Program, working as an investigator and undercover operator in some of the highest organized crime levels throughout Canada. During Garry’s policing career, he received numerous awards and commendations for his investigative abilities, inclusive of recognitions from the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the CIA. He has provided training in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Garry is widely sought after for cyber-crime, compliance, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention speaking engagements and consulting.

Finance & Strategy: Lewis is a Certified Management Consultant with 40 years of experience providing accounting and new business growth strategies to companies in various industries. His history of providing professional services and acting as Chief Financial Officer for private and public sector companies positioned him to also act as a liaison for companies seeking funding and investors for their operations.

Legal: Founding Partner of Investment Law Associates LLC., a boutique law firm in Costa Rica with expertise in Financial, Real Estate, Investment, Project Development, and Litigation Law. He has been part of some of the most prestigious law firms in the region with an accumulated experience of over 10 years in which he grew strong relationships with foreign clients and professionals. He is also the Founding and Managing Partner of Atlas Trust & Escrow LLC, a duly registered financial services corporation, providing investment and capital services to local and foreign customers.

Cybersecurity: Information Security is as much about people as it is about technology. Alena is responsible for developing an information security program including the policies and procedures designed to protect the communications, systems and assets from both internal and external threats. Alena has advanced degrees in Physics, Philosophy, and Education, She is an award winning academic and sessional professor at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria focusing on cybersecurity research and education. She has been pursuing CISSP and CISM certifications, and has several years of experience in IT, both in software development and project management.

Technology: Akash is the CEO of Auxesis Group and Architect of AUX Ledger. Auxesis today is recognised counted among The Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies in the World. In partnership with State Government of India AUX Ledger has 53 Million users and working on a solution to scale to enable access to more than 1 Billion Indian population can access. Prior, Akash was a Manager of The Entrepreneurship Cell and IIT Bombay. At IIT Bombay he and his team successfully proposed a new model for India’s first self-driving car.

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