CloudBB Takes the Pain out of Staff Timecard Management

CloudBB has been firmly striving to make things easier for any daycare provider on all fronts. Not only has it kept all our great features from the previous version, but it has also added several new features to facilitate users’ project workflow. Today, CloudBB is excited to have users, both future and current, benefit from its innovative and outstanding clock in-out Staff Timecard feature.

Childcare Centers: Paper Time Sheet vs. Digital Staff Timecard

Keeping track of staff time is a necessity for any business and it also performs a vital function in childcare centers. Recording payroll hours has always been a challenge for daycare owners. Managing time and tracking how staff spend the worked hours empowers to maximize resources, improve staff performance, and monitor when to clock in/out. However, many businesses today prefer paperless time clocks to the old fashioned way with paper timesheet. In the former way, smart decisions come from real-world data, not guesswork, and there is no better way to do this than by diving into crucial time tracking statistics. When complemented by staff attendance tracking systems, daycare businesses are just about set up to address the issues springing from the misuse of time in the workplace while staff members can easily clock in and clock out at their convenience. This is where CloudBB’s Staff Timecard steps in.

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What is CloudBB’s Staff Timecard?

CloudBB’s electronic staff timecard makes it possible to track the clock-in and clock-out time of the staff. It is used to record the start and end time of tasks or simply the duration of the course task. Its Staff Timecard can contain a detailed breakdown of tasks, whose information can be connected to project costing, job estimation, tracking, management, and payroll.

Digital Clock in-out

CloudBB’s staff sign in-out perfectly replaces the outdated timesheet with advanced technology as well as the ultimate user experience.

“Extra peace of mind & more flexibility for staff”

Teachers and staff can instantly clock into a particular room or group. Before starting the course, the member just needs to click “clock in”; Once finishing the course, the one just needs to click “clock out”. Staff can log in the BB School app to record time and view the timecard and hours worked.

“No paperwork & no waste of time for daycare managers”

CloudBB will let daycare managers know how many teachers and staff are there with each group/room of children, so users never have to worry about ratios again. Then, managers can review each staff timecard and make corrections or changes. The attendance details will be associated with intelligent payroll calculation, which prevents users from any paperwork. No longer have to worry about losing staff timesheet again and go paperless! Savings will be from creating sign in-out sheets, maintaining excel, employing specialized personnel, etc.

Mobile Kiosk for Clock in-out

CloudBB cares about serving users on mobile devices. CloudBB with one-touch mobile kiosk-based solution seamlessly captures daily clock in-out times of all the staff, which can be used on the go and works well for any daycare activities to log entry and exit times. It is available both on the Apple Store and Google Play for Android and Apple devices. Now, it is convenient to track, submit, and approve accurate staff worked hours directly at any time, from anywhere and on any device for real-time staff attendance management.

Calculation of Worked Hours for Payroll

American Payroll Association has shown that companies that utilize software with timekeeping and payroll features were 44% less likely to commit errors. Kronos also support the view, reporting that 81% of payroll professionals believe that seamless integration with time and labor management is needed to improve work quality. This is why CloudBB puts a lot of effort into combining a smart clocking system with a digital payroll system. It helps to calculate the staff worked hours with the payroll rate that has been set by school managers, which will be the total salary for each member. Also, it ensures the staff can get paid on time with an accurate amount. With such a piece of easy-to-use built-in timecard calculator, generating payroll according to the worked hours will become a breeze.

“The latest product innovations and enhancements in CloudBB demonstrate that we are on a clear mission to enrich the user experience while driving and fulfilling much better childcare business outcomes,” said Martin Sun, the founder of CloudBB. “Our Staff Timecard feature typically saves half an accountant and half an office manager. With such an amazing feature and its simple yet powerful capabilities that users will see major value in, our app takes the pain out of staff timecard management and we are always on the way to usher in the future of work.”

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