Utopia – New Secure Decentralized P2P Ecosystem

Utopia is a secure, self-enclosed ecosystem. This means that all communication tools are available within the system with no third-party software involved. You will find personal and group chat, uMail, and the ability to perform financial transactions. The Utopia Ecosystem uses the most advanced levels of encryption that includes elliptic curves and unique P2P network architecture.

It provides users with secure and interception-proof communication channels. Utopia allows you to share information in total privacy and express your thoughts while preserving your confidentiality.

The Utopia ecosystem is decentralized, which means that your uMails, messages and files will never be stored on any third-party mail servers, web hosting companies or other centralized data warehouses.

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A key holder is a lifelong owner of a decentralized account in the Utopia ecosystem. The key gives you access to the Utopia system, which is a leading communication Peer-to-Peer Network environment. The network does not require servers or 3rd party services. Each user participates in the transmission of data, but only the recipient has a key to decrypt and see the content of the message.

The main priority of Utopia is to ensure full privacy and security of its user’s data. Therefore, Utopia does not collect or store any personal information including files, text messages, uMails, IP addresses and user locations.

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. The network is supported by people who use it.

Utopia Network is based on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology. It has no single point of failure and is truly decentralized. This means that each node, including your Utopia software, transmits network data in encrypted mode. The communication cannot be intercepted by third-party, only the recipient is able to read it.

The P2P technology ensures that your network activity, including surfing, cannot be tracked or your identity revealed as all network communication is protected by super secure Curve25519 high-speed elliptic curve cryptography.

What can I do using Utopia?

  • Send personal messages
  • Participate in group chats ( Public + Private)
  • Send Secure internal uMail (email used only inside the ecosystem)
  • Send voice messages · Share files
  • Voice Changer in Chatting
  • Secure Web Browser called Idyll Browser
  • Make financial transactions denominated in Utopia’s own cryptocurrency called Crypton
  • Earning Cryptons through mining, on any computer, and without slowing it down

uMail is a decentralized alternative to classic e-mail. No servers are used for mail transmission or storage. uMail account, that is created in a minute, enables unlimited messaging and attachment storage. Utopia ecosystem encryption guarantees the security of mail transmission and storage. Your uMail, as an internal part of Utopia, cannot be blocked or seized.

All financial functionality can be found in Utopia built-in uWallet: make and accept instant payments denominated in Utopia mineable cryptocurrency Crypton, accept payments at your website, pay by Crypto Cards without revealing your identity or bill fellow Utopia users for your services.

In Software you will get your own uCode. Your uCode is your encoded Public Key that can be shared over email or other communication means. It is similar to a QR-code.

You can create your uVoucher. uVoucher is a set of characters and digits with a preset value denominated in Cryptons. uVouchers are used to send Crypton to someone whose Public Key you do not know. uVoucher can be sent via SMS, email, Facebook or any other convenient way.

Other features include API and console client for fast and easy integration.

Utopia Network includes a safe alternative to traditional Domain Name System (DNS) called Utopia Name System (uNS). This is a decentralized registry of names that are impossible to expropriate, freeze or corrupt by 3rd-party. Once registered it is your property for infinity.

uNS combined with Packet Forwarding functional allows to tunnel any kind of data between users in the ecosystem, making possible to host different types of resources including websites inside Utopia Network. Utopia has built-in Idyll browser to view websites within Utopia peer-to-peer network. Idyll is a great alternative to TOR browser.

There are many other amazing features you will enjoy like voice encryption, tons of stickers and smiles, multiplayer games, collaboration and organizing tools.

Take advantage of all of the above features while you stay anonymous and your data remains secure

What is Crypton Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a process by which new coins are introduced into the existing circulating supply. Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem through mining by the emission of new Cryptons.

When you run Utopia or a mining bot you will receive your share of the collective mining reward. The more time your Utopia client or bots spend online, the more reward you will earn. Users are rewarded every 15 minutes for being online.

The purpose of mining in Utopia is to promote the stability of the ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections and providing additional storage.

What is an Idyll Browser?

Utopia ecosystem is based on its own peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Among other things, the network enables you to host and transmit to fellow Utopia users any websites or web services.

Idyll browser is a built-in browser used to surf web resources within the Utopia network. It is based on the latest Tor browser. As the Tor browser is a collection of patches for Firefox, Utopia has used some of those patches to create a secure browser for Utopia network.

The browser is specifically designed to be used within P2P Utopia network ensuring privacy and protection against data leaks of your operating system.

How it all started?

In the fast-paced world that we live in today filled with a wide array of information technologies, reliable communication became one of the most important components of our lives. It all began when the first bit of data was sent over to the ARPANet and the first connection happened.

Suddenly we have entered into the new dimension, the informational space. From then on, communication channels wrapped our planet tightly and gave us the possibility to transfer hundreds of terabytes of data at an instant.

Who is the creator of Utopia Ecosystem?

Utopia has been developed by a group of networking technology enthusiasts over the last 5 years. To eliminate any impact on the project, developers of Utopia will forever remain anonymous. So not be able to alter the algorithms of the ecosystem once it has been launched.

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