CodePlateau Offering Free Consulting Services

CodePlateau is today proud to announce the provision of the new free consulting service added to their repertoire. Since its inception in 7th April 2016 CodePlateau has taken tremendous strides towards becoming one of the biggest web developments, web design and digital marketing agencies in Pune, India.

The brainchild of Nikesh Ghadage and Sandeep Shirsat CodePlateau had humble beginnings but grand visions and a mission to become one of the best digital company in India. As per the co-founder, Nikesh Ghadage, “the past year has been absolutely phenomenal for us with an unprecedented growth chart. We hope the trend continues.”

When asked why they were focused on providing free consulting services Sandeep Shirsat the co-founder replied “We realized that a lot of people don’t really need to avail the services, the problems that they’re facing can be resolved within a few meetings. While we could have exploited the situation of our prospective customers, we prefer doing things in a more ethical manner.”

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Initially they began providing only web development and website design services to their clients, however, they noticed that their clients needed more. Once the website was complete, they also needed an organization capable of providing high-end digital marketing solutions. This would completely encapsulate the client’s digital presence and a lot of clients have also expressed delight in being able to go to one company for all their needs. The free consulting service idea was incorporated as the clients did not know their specific requirement but knew they needed something to push their ideas forward digitally.

The free consulting web development and digital marketing service provided by CodePlateau does have it upsides though. It tends to build a sense of trust with the customers as can be seen by the rise in the number of clients onboarded by CodePlateau recently. The number prove that the same customers who were provided with the free consulting services but not signed on as clients initially either provided referrals to CodePlateau or came back when they had bigger more profitable tasks to be worked upon. There are some of the clients which came up with the difficulties in their business and got their solutions through your expert advice via simple and free tools available.

When asked about how easy it was to copy the business model CodePlateau representatives had this to say, “what we’re doing is not unique, however, the manner in which we’ve gone ahead and built momentum using this strategy is unheard of. We don’t mind the competition frankly as there is plenty of business for all the companies.”

CodePlateau is a Web Development and Web Design Company based out of Kharadi, Pune. They have a small yet dedicated and talented team capable of providing excellent results and ROI for their clients. Along with the free consulting services they also launched their Digital Marketing arm of the company a few months ago which has already gotten some terrific traction. CodePlateau has already worked with several big national and international brands but ensure to keep their client portfolio relatively small at any one given point in time to ensure that all their clients receive dedicated attention. They’re now expanding their base to be able to cater to the needs of the market.

To know more about CodePlateau you can visit their website –

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