Tier3D AI-Phone Isa Unique Approach Forcreating Machine Consciousness

Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company has launched an Indiegogo campaign with AI-Phone, which they claim will enable Machine Consciousness through a unique approach. Their campaign is currently funding at https://igg.me/at/tier3d. Tier3D AI-Phone has special sensors, which can capture 3D + light field images & sense things like audio, temperature etc. The data from multiple connected AI-Phones including yours is de-identified on the phone itself and sent to the auto-scaling AI cloud, which generates a very accurate model of yourself and your surroundings, almost mirroring your consciousness on the cloud. The AI-Phone uses these AI models and works as an intuitive extension of yourself, helping you with the things you do. AI-Phone is able to predict what you would like to do and automatically gives you an option like: “call John”, “show mails”, "create document”, and “create invoice”. It can automatically organize documents, do a deep search in the data, summarize content, create presentations, make suggestions etc. The team has experienced Silicon Valley professionals along with a Nobel Laureate and a Stanford Faculty as advisors.

Tier3D AI-Phone uses patent-pending technology to capture 3D videos with the light field and True Texture© information, which allows cloud-based Artificial Intelligence to do better segmentation and have a better understanding of the data captured. Tier3D cloud ingests the data with the auto-scaling learning architecture to do precise segmentation, learn dynamic models and learn associations between different models. The AI-cloud uses models of physical objects as well the soft data-points and their associations to predict what a person is likely to do. AI-Phone passively observes the world with continuous prediction, which allows it to find the real-time difference between the predicted and observed, generating a dense training set thus creating high-quality AI.

Shalender Singh, CEO/CTO of Tier3D said that “The Tier3D devices available on our crowdsourcing campaign are highly specialized for Artificial Intelligence. It is the first product to create a complete hardware and software ecosystem for crowdsourcing AI. Tier3D hardware consists of a specially designed smartphone, a smartwatch and mixed really glasses. This hardware connects to the Tier3D Artificial Intelligence cloud and contributes to human-like artificial intelligence almost mirror your consciousness in soft form. Tier3D crowdsources Artificial Intelligence to generate a deep understanding of what you need and helps as an intuitive extension of yourself.

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Let me explain it with an example. Let us say you wear the Tier3D watch and go to a client meeting. Your Tier3D watch will passively understand your surroundings, the context and the content of your conversation by using novel 3D Light Field Sensor, acoustic sensor and other sensors. Let’s say your client wants you to send a presentation. Tier3D will start working on it in the background. When you reach home a well-formatted presentation will already be waiting for you.”

Srini Srinivasan, CMO of Tier3D, elaborated that “Tier3D is committed to providing instant value for our products. Imagine having a smart, intuitive assistant by your side at all times, like in sales meetings with prospects, ensuring that tailored content is instantly crafted & presented so you can target specific opportunities. Our solution frees you up to focus on building personal relationships with clients by leveraging the power of our AI-driven devices to do much of the grunt work of building content without making it seem templatized.”

Tier3DPhone & Tier3DWatch have special 3D and lightfield sensors, which can do a detailed and rich capture of your surroundings. These devices have unique design elements, which enable crowdsourcing of AI. The Tier3DPhone has a rotatable sensor panel, which can capture the world at the best possible angle. The Tier3DPhone is dockable over the Tier3DWatch, which allows hands-free operation of the phone. The Tier3DGlass has a sleek & sturdy pocket carriable design letting you take your Mixed Reality experience anywhere.

Vishnupriya Singh, the COO of Tier3D affirmed that “We have ensured that Tier3D designs, although novel, is also very realizable. Indeed, the integrated solution is unique, yet every single part of it is easily buildable. The software architecture has been componentized and the overall design has been tested for scalability, and the hardware components are readily sourceable from our established supplier base that we have cultivated over the years. We are confident we can deliver what we promise.”

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