Coinchase Introduces ‘Break and Return’ Policy: The Money Back Guarantee for Blockchain

There has been an increasing number of new Blockchain projects launching globally since the year 2017. Even though this diversified demand can attract a large number of supporters and investors, they are now taking their investment decisions way more carefully than they used to in 2017. The large offer of Blockchain projects may be attractive, but investors have started to pay extra attention to those projects since they do not guarantee a good return on their investments.

Blockchain projects need supporters from their very early stages. They offer everyone, from institutional, retail and even amateur investors, the opportunity to invest in this revolutionary technology and make a profit. However, there have been lately an increasing number of scams and also projects that don’t really bring to the table valuable applications which naturally would attract mass adoption after their launching. Consequently, the price of the tokens of those projects drop right after their first exchange listing and, as a consequence, investors more often than not see themselves enduring significant financial losses. Coinchase is highly committed to help the industry fix that issue.

Coinchase is a community focused Blockchain crowdfunding platform. It is a true believer in the Blockchain industry. Coinchase is deeply involved with and committed to promoting the growth of the Blockchain industry through promoting crowdfunding (Public Sale) for high-quality projects amongst its huge existing global community.

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This project, which is registered in the Republic of Singapore, conducts a rigorous internal due diligence process and selects only very high-quality projects for its community to choose from in order to participate in their Public Sale. However, Coinchase is offering a brand-new way to make Public Sales safer for the users. It stands by its users’ side and asks project parties to participate in their 48 hours ‘Break and Return’ policy, in order to protect participants (those who purchase tokens from Public Sales) in bear markets from losing money should the token price fall below Public Sale price during the first 48 hours of the first exchange listing. This is an unprecedented policy.

Coinchase believes that the value of high-quality Blockchain projects will gradually increase with the constant flow of new supporters. So, ‘Break and Return’ is primarily a means of insurance. What truly encourages users’ support are the projects themselves. The goal of Coinchase is to establish consensus between the project initiators (core members) and supporters (those who buy tokens at early stages). Users have the choice to become members of Coinchase, in opposed to only general users. Members will enjoy exclusive benefits and receive the detailed information of new Blockchain projects at first hand. Coinchase encourages and inspires each of its members to participate and support Blockchain projects’ Public Sales by sharing rewards in the form of CCH Tokens (Coinchase Tokens).

Coinchase’s official website ‘’ has large numbers of mobile phone registered users worldwide and over 500,000 users from 20 multi-language Telegram groups. The project already raised successfully more than 10,000 ETHs for its first crowdfunded project, DACC, in only one week! Else, it is affiliated with top overseas ICO review platforms and overseas Blockchain related medias.

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