New Business Social Network Is Started

Dealerbag’s convenient solution helps buyers and sellers better find and complete B2B transactions on a global scale in real time.

A new company, Dealerbag, ( ), is seeking to redefine the international business communication experience for sellers and buyers. Think of it as B2B 2.0, a new and easier way to conduct global business.

In streamlining the B2B communication process, Dealerbag has launched an innovative platform to help sellers and buyers to better navigate and conclude profitable transactions in a highly competitive, ever-changing global market.

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How does it work? Buyers of goods and services can confidentially place commercial requests in the Dealerbag system and receive offers from a large number of sellers. This allows the buyers a wider variety of choice from which to select a suitable seller, with optimal parameters (price, quality, etc.), and specific request requirements. On the other side of the equation: sellers can use the Dealerbag platform to conveniently search for business-relevant queries and instantly respond to them, starting a confidential correspondence and exchanging files with interested buyers in real time.

After the conclusion of the transaction, the system’s functionality does not end there as it enables the parties to interact using a convenient and confidential system for electronic document circulation and correspondence. In addition, the company’s moderators manually check every request and clean the system of spam and advertising. This leaves system users with only business communication and serious requests from potentially interested companies and entrepreneurs.

“Our mission is to make communication of business people all over the world easier and more efficient, to protect them from spam, to help them reduce costs, and make business deals with more favourable terms,” said Stanislav Melnikov, CEO of Dealerbag. “Sellers who use Dealerbag gain competitive advantages and a high chance to conduct deals with hot buyers, and buyers gain access to a convenient tool for choosing sellers. We are trying to solve the number one problem for private entrepreneurs and companies around the world: choosing the best partners for acquiring goods and B2B services. We also touch on problem number two: a convenient search for hot, genuinely interested customers.”

Benefits of using Dealerbag include:

  • Placing customized B2B requests for clients
  • Getting the best offers from sellers
  • Private & separate dialogue with each of the sellers
  • Protection from spam and obsessive communication (Reject button)
  • Flexible management of privacy
  • A rating system of sellers
  • High-level moderation for all published requests
  • Marking of confirmed companies with a special sign
  • Confidential communication between companies in the internal messenger and electronic document flow within the system (without the use of e-mail)
  • Direct access of the seller to the interested buyer
  • The system eliminates intermediaries
  • Correspondence in a separate chat room dedicated to a particular transaction which is much more convenient than confusing communication by e-mail

Dealerbag charges a fee to the buyer when responding to a request. Prices will vary depending on the category of the request.

Dealerbag is also developing a new feature it will launch soon where users will be able to conclude customized cryptocurrency smart contracts through the company’s platform.

“Dealerbag is for everyone: companies of any scale, private entrepreneurs, narrow specialists, and consultants,” said Melnikov.


Dealerbag is a smart business community that helps companies and entrepreneurs around the world place anonymously custom business requests and obtains deals with selected suppliers of goods and services on better terms.

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