Highest paper publications in the field of concrete tech by a young woman. Official World Record!

It’s not easy for a young woman to be an inventor cum scientist. This is a world record full of effort and hard work. [youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=xtc0PML1tOE&list=PLVcW48sVopewMxan6YUxcOMidJrPJbk-I&index=2&t=56s] (Born on August 17, 1986, in India ), as the world’s woman personality, with Highest paper publications and achievements in the field of concrete technology, at 31 years of age only. The same has been recognized by many others besides OWR; viz., Record holder republic, U.K. Registry of official
world record, U.K., Europe; International book of record; and Book of Assist world record too.

Dr. Luhar is a D.Litt.(Doctor Of letters – SAARC countries), D.Litt. (North Korea), Ph.D.(Eng.), M.Tech.(Eng.-CASAD, Hons.), B.Tech.(Eng., Hons.), D.(Eng.). Subsequent to her bachelor and Master’s programs from a premium institute namely Nirma University, Gujarat, India, she has accomplished Ph.D. within only four years of duration from- Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur, India in a male-dominated STEM field of civil (structural) engineering with an outstanding first class distinction career throughout. Scientists are the true driving force for the development of civilization! That is why; she decided to be one of them to serve humanity. Dr. Luhar is an Indian Inventor cum Researcher (Woman Scientist) cum Chartered Engineer cum Approved valuer and an author too. She is an inventor of “fly ash based geopolymer concrete incorporating rubber tire fibers as partial replacement of natural sand thereof useful for construction and infrastructure industries” and filed an Indian Patent for it at this quite young age through MNIT, Jaipur, on July 30, 2018. She is not only a woman world record holder in terms of publications of articles at the young age of 31years but also set a world record for the first book as an independent young woman author of STEM – on the topic of “Fly ash and slag based Geopolymer concrete – Experimental facts” published through European publisher, Lap Lambert academic publishing (2016-08-01), Germany, Europe.

Her total research papers published are 25 at merely 31 years of age. They are International Journals, 12; National Journal, 3; International conferences abroad 2; and in India 8 totaling to 10.
She has been awarded GOVERNMENT PROJECT worth INR 22.11 Lakhs from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India under “Women Scientist” scheme in 2015 as Principal Investigator proving her ability for independent research. She knew that science and technology were not going to be just passions but will necessitate hard endeavors. If she could describe the past few years in one word, she would say it was an “evolution”. She has a faith in “dream big, work hard for it, achieves the ultimate goal but at the same time stay humble!” She thoroughly enjoys working in a laboratory and employs the latest technologies and methodology to conduct experiments. She favors an original, meaningful and quantitative but at the same time qualitative research works employing ultra modern techniques to benefit humanity. She knows English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Rajasthani, and Gujarati, languages with proficiency. She is bestowed with multifarious national and international awards and honors for her innovation and achievements which recognize her as “the best-brightest-inspirational-talented woman researcher who demonstrated excellence in her discipline”, viz., “Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 2018”, U.S.A. for her hard work and dedication to her profession. In addition, “Young woman in engineering for initiative and development in the field of Civil engineering”, “Innovation strategy leader in education for the year 2018”, “best researcher award 2018,” “highest research paper publications award in concrete technology by a woman researcher”, “Best presenter”, etc. goes to her credit. Her biography has not only been accepted into Marquis Who’s Who , USA, which is comprised of the top 3% of the professionals in the world but she has been nominated just recently for the esteemed ASDF global award of “ BEST ACADEMIC RESEARCHER AWARD” by ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIST DEVELOPERS AND FACULTIES (ASDF), LONDON, U.K., EUROPE and also nominated for “PADMSHREE” award, for year 2018-19, which is the fourth highest civilian award by Government of India, in the republic of India!
Her association with American Concrete Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, Asian Concrete Federation, Indian Concrete Institute, Institution of valuers, The institution of engineers (India), etc.; a member of seven editorial boards and a guest editor of one; as well as reviewer of four reputed Technical Journals of the world; having been received a MHRD RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP from MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT (MHRD), GOVERNMENT OF INDIA granted for research dedicated to Ph.D. Degree program at MNIT, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, are some additional feathers to her crown.

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Her ultimate goal is to set a milestone in concrete technology researches especially in Geopolymer concrete technology by either to join an esteemed research group or centre as post doc fellow or to open a new centre for advancement and excellence of this green Geopolymer technology in association with government/ university/organization/institute, etc. to serve humanity with their rightful basic need!
The advanced research projects on low cost sustainable eco-friendly construction materials to “GO GREEN” will indubitably prove to be a great service to humanity in the days to come.

Dr. Luhar Salmabanu Ismailbhai said:
My mentors, professors, teachers, etc., whom I thank a lot, have well thought-out me as talented, dynamic, passionate, courageous, intellectual, enthusiastic, work-alcoholic and hardworking, simple natured young Indian woman researcher (scientist) born in an educated family. My upbringing was privileged in values and depth of life and knowledge. Traditional at heart, I personify Indian cultural values to the core, while enjoying the lifestyle of a professional lady. According to my belief, “excellence is to keep breaking your own records every day. If you don’t have a standard for yourself, you will not have further records to beat; and if you don’t have any record to beat, you can’t excel.” I received education of school, diploma (state government polytechnic – Civil Engg.), B.Tech
(Hon’s-Civil Engg.) and M.Tech (Hon’s-computer aided structural analysis and design). Both bachelors and masters from premium university namely Nirma University, Gujarat, India. At master’s level, I have submitted a major project titled “Development of fly and slag based geopolymer concrete” under her dissertation work which reflects my passion to this specialty right from beginning. This is the basic point from where I started gaining my experience in geopolymer technology.
I joined my doctoral research program at Malaviya national Institute of Technology (MNIT) –a NIRF institute of Government of India. I obtained a Ph.D. degree certificate in Civil (Structure) engineering for the thesis topic related to novel low cost sustainable, user and eco-friendly green Geopolymer Concrete incorporating wastes and its performance evaluation in person by his highness and highly respected Dr. Shri MUPPAVARAPU VENKAIAH NAIDU SIR, VICE-PRESIDENT OF INDIA and CHAIRMAN OF THE RAJYA SABHA (THE UPPER HOUSE OF THE PARLIAMENT OF INDIA), as Honorable Chief guest, on the occasion of 12th convocation of Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) held at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on January 6, 2018.

My core and active areas of research interest include green construction composites, viz., Geopolymer concrete and mortar, low cost novel building materials for affordable housing and infrastructures with low carbon footprint providing relief to global warming dilemma and best use of wastes that are responsible for fertile land filling and health hazards through manufacturing green
concrete, high-performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, etc., i.e., an integration of Material Science and Construction Engineering. Additionally, I have a short duration experience of teaching as an assistant professor and mentoring with outstanding feedback at undergraduate level subsequent to my master. My research expertise include environmentally benevolent construction and building material science with more emphasis on incorporation of diverse wastes to produce
cost-effective colonies to live in and essential infrastructures to utilize, viz., schools; hospitals; roads; dams; bridges; and corporate, as well as commercial and industrial infrastructures, etc. One of the prominent reasons for climate crisis is the effects of anthropogenic CO2 emissions amplifying global warming. The key scientific researches are essential to slash its impact on society and the environment. I desire to free the highly fertile land filled by the wastes after cleaning for agriculture purposes through organized consumption in manufacturing the best geopolymeric building materials and Geopolymer cements. The result will be an augmentation of agricultural productions. Presently, I am keen to carry out advance post doctoral researches as, most promising woman scientist cum inventor cum researcher, in my field of expertise, i.e., Concrete technology.

Presently, I am hopeful to carryout post doctoral researches since I received some offers for post doctoral programs in the field of my specialization from Canadian, and Australian universities recently. They have approved my proposed research plan for Post doc in Geopolymer Concrete technology. In addition, China and Malaysia has also offered to hire me for PDF program with their own funding. These countries have also advised me to apply for the same after primary study of my case. Furthermore, I am going to apply for JSPS post doc fellowship, Japan and Australian Endeavour research fellowship, Australia for post doc program of advanced research as well as Overseas post doctoral fellowship (OPDF) program from my own country- India, too. Also, I got a good response from Mexico, Iran, and Cyprus for further research work. My so many efforts are the reflection of my thirst for depth knowledge of my field and passion for research with utmost dedication.
Another book of mine is under pipeline on an incorporation of modern wastes with concrete for the first time in the world and will publish in near future.
My areas of expertise are to develop a variety of novel Geopolymer composites – a sustainable, affordable, user and eco-friendly construction materials for infrastructures with almost nine time lesser emissions of CO2- a primary green house gas, mitigating the dilemma of global warming. My research interests focus on “Advances both in Geopolymer and Conventional Concrete Technology. I have worked in a well equipped, modern, excellent, cement concrete research lab and possesses outstanding lab skills which made me familiar with all modern instruments and equipments to work on conventional and Geopolymer composites and Geopolymer cesments. My vision and mission of life is “ To enlighten lives globally through advanced researches and inventions for innovative, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly edifice material for cost-effective houses and infrastructures for mankind as I have a great concern in my heart about common man and the global problems adversely affecting existence of lives. I desire to contribute for keeping the environment fresh”. In my personal opinion “ Every living has fundamental right for shelter”! That is the key reason for my inclination towards the programs of development like “House for all” and necessary basic infrastructures to serve mankind because after all, ‘ service to humanity is service to God’. I briefed print media, i.e., DNA (English daily newspaper), Ahmedabad edition on the occasion of NUICONE conference held by Nirma University during 26 to 28 November,2015 regarding innovative field of green Geopolymer technology which is capable to consume various wastes materials systematically, conserving natural restricted resources with a strategy of making the “best from the wastes”. Moreover, saving of fertile land from land filling by wastes and relief to the lives from global warming is possible with low carbon foot print preserving earth’s environments.
Also, I explained why high energy and high temperature reactions are no more essential as the same purpose can be served with about 6 times less energy at room temperature only!

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