Crypstock Launches Revolutionary Inter-Exchange Cryptosystem for Token Holders

CrypStock is a unique inter-exchsange cryptosystem designed to take crypto asset management to an unprecedented level, with revolutionary inter-exchange platform operations and financial infrastructure that allows holders of the token to make a profit. CrypStock has announced the launch of its ICO, throwing the amazing earning opportunity open to the public.

The advent of digital currency has led to several developments across the globe. The popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrency have increased in recent times, creating unique opportunities for different stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space. Studies have shown that digital currency has created hundreds of millionaires across the globe, even as millions of people have lost their money trading or investing in cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrencies can be sources of good profits if handled rightly and this is where CrypStock is coming as a lifesaver.

With CrypStock, contributors get paid monthly in ETH at pro-rata basis. System will distribute 30 % of its income to all token holders which makes about 127% of annual income (according to statistics of the 1st quarter of 2018.), and contributors of $5,000 and more will get the special HERITAGE TOKEN for 20% of their contribution, which gives the right to receive an additional 69% of the yield of the ICS token.

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Operating as an original algorithmic trading engine, producing an optimal profit at a minimal risk. Three powerful subsystems work here to generate profit in the system – block-trading, arbitrage robot and the merged order-book system.

For ordinary traders it is an efficient cryptocurrency exchange – You trade on one exchange, and the system works on 30 exchanges at once, providing you with the best purchase/sell price.

A network of ATM crypto terminals – CryptoStock will invest in a system of ATMs that will act as the terminals where people can withdraw and exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. The ATM approach will bring cryptocurrency investment to mainstream investors. CrypStock ATM is also developing on a franchise model and is already operating in several countries (Israel, Germany, Cyprus). The profit generated by ATM network is also involved in the distribution to the token holders.

Pre-sale of the token will commence on June 11th, 2018, with BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, MONERO, and T4T accepted amongst others. First four days it will bonus it’s contributors 40 % of tokens.

More information about CrypStock can be found on the website, Telegram, and the whitepaper.


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