Microsoft Office Has New Rival under $15 – Open Office 2018 Premium & How the Features Compare

Both Microsoft Office & OpenOffice (Free Edition) include all the necessary tools you need. Microsoft Word is Open Office Writer, Excel is Open Office Calc, and PowerPoint is Open Office Impress. All software in OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office documents, meaning you can open and create Word documents in Open Office Writer. The main perks of Microsoft office are-easy document sharing and Office 365 that helps users to do all work online without the need of opening any software. On the other hand, Open Office Software 2018 Premium includes many more extra features like Mac & Windows Installers with no subscription or added fee, 1,000 Premium Bonus Fonts, Premium Templates pack with over 200 templates more resumes, offering users with more options. Moreover, there are over 20, 0000 clipart images, clear and precise user guide powered with a faster customer support. No matter Microsoft office offers a great customer support, but the wait time can become elongated on busty days. Open Office 2018 Premium is very responsive towards customers with experts from tech agents in the US.

Disk 2 in Open Office 2018 Premium is for professionals, students, or anyone looking for extra digital office tools. These include project management software and mind mapping software, money management software and shortcut keys guide to boost your speed on the computer. All these features are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The main benefit that makes Open Office 2018 the most desirable software is its extremely affordable pricing. Microsoft Office is priced at $150-300 and 365 is a lifetime paid subscription. Open Office 2018 Premium on the other hand, will remain under $15 indefinitely.

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In conclusion, Open Office 2018 Premium is great if you like to have more and pay less. Microsoft Office is perfect if you need to do your work online and easily and share it easily.


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