CryptX Launches Yielding Crypto-Currency CYX

DUBLIN, IRELAND, 18 June 2018 – TXG Limited, the leading provider of integrated Fintech solutions has announced an Initial Coin Offering in its ground-breaking crypto-token issuance program, in which it will offer a tradeable crypto-token which will pay a quarterly ‘dividend’ in Bitcoin. The company is targeting an initial annualized yield of around 12% on its Special ICO tokens.

TXG will provide technical operations, and token issuance management using its wholly-owned subsidiaries MineX Mining Limited and CryptX Limited. These companies are registered in the Republic of Ireland.

TXG expects to announce a subsequent listing of the token in the secondary market and will provide data distribution services via another of its subsidiaries, DataX Technology Limited, which is also registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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The company is pleased to note that this announcement acts as a further endorsement of the Irish government’s strong support for strategic initiatives focussed on Fintech and that these policies are beginning to build momentum, as evidenced by the burgeoning growth of Fintech companies in the Dublin area.

“We are pleased to announce this significant milestone in the development of TXG, and the evolution of the crypto-currency market to now include a token which provides its holders with a yield” said David Rundell, CEO of TXG, “we confidently expect to see significant demand for CYX from alternative asset managers and funds, since the inclusion of CYX in portfolios will provide both exposures to long-term gains in crypto-currency values, and an attractive level of yield, in an environment where yields in conventional assets remain at historic lows”.

About TXG

Incorporated in 2017, TXG is a holding company registered in the Republic of Ireland. Its principal operations include mining technology and operations, crypto-currency issuance and advisory, data distribution, and a cutting-edge peer-to-peer recruitment platform.

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