Cutting Edge Internet Service Provider Rolls Out Hybrid Micro/Fiber Internet Option

From New York to Orlando, GiGstream is proud to offer industry-leading technology to businesses and residential customers in the form of hybrid micro/fiber internet. Fiber internet allows them to offer lightning fast speeds at the fraction of standard industry pricing, while the hybrid part means they still provide the same levels of customer service and reliability.

They offer all of this to their customers at one flat rate, which includes complementary hardware, wi-fi and setup.

What is Hybrid Micro/Fiber Internet

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Micro/Fiber is a hybrid connection that enhances all the things internet users loved about a Fiber Optic connection. This combination significantly lowers latency: the delay between asking your internet connection to do something, and it’s acting on what you asked it to do. It also increases internet speed so users can keep up with the demands of services like video and music streaming.

Hybrid Micro/Fiber internet is unique. Instead of using the same pathways that every other internet service providers use, they use our own. This means faster speeds and better quality to the consumer. It provides a more stable, faster connection and when installed correctly, the weather will not bring about a disruption of service.

What is GiGStreem

GiGstreem offers internet packages to residential clients, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. They offer fiber and fiber/micro hybrid solutions to all of their clientele, from New York to Orlando.

Moreover, they provide affordable service to customers without the long waits associated with Google Fiber. In fact, many industry experts speculate that this was Google’s plan all along — to pave the way for their own users to get the high-speed access they wanted them to have.

Either way, fiber internet is available and affordable to residents and business owners who live or work in GiGstreem cities.

Click here for more information on GiGstreem or to see if they are available in your neighbourhood. You can also reach GiGstreem by phone at (800) 747-1830 or visit them online at

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