IROAD’s Premium Dash Cams For 2019

IROAD, the world’s leading dash camera manufacturer presents the world’s best dash camera with next-generation technology.

IROAD dash cams come equipped with the best-in-class premium SONY sensors, outstanding 3K QHD resolution and next-generation technology including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and more to offer you the best of tech at a very affordable price.

Best-in-class premium sensors for optimum vision, maximum brightness

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Each of the IROAD dash cams is equipped with the premium SONY STARVIS and Exmor R sensor paired with glass lenses for sharper, superior low light performance and outstanding visibility in a variety of environments. In addition to their ability to record the brightest and cleanest images even in low light environments, each of the IROAD dash cams features ground-breaking X- Vision – intelligent night vision for automatic brightness adjustment during parking and driving mode.

All IROAD HD dash cams including 1CH and 2CH are capable of recording clear 1080p30fps HD videos during both night and day. The IROAD TX9 is even capable of recording at 3K QHD at 60fps that records 5 times higher than HD for crystal clear recordings. The IROAD X9 and TX9, X1further have a wide viewing angle of 150°to record blind spots with ease and 90° rotatable lens, giving you more control over exactly what you want to capture.

State-of-the-art road safety features for the peace of mind

These come equipped with next-generation (ADAS) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that provides audio and visual alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW) helps both protect from and prevent collisions.

Easy to connect via Wi-Fi with a dedicated mobile app

Easy to connect Wi-Fi feature after running the IROAD application (available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store) provides real-time video back up and playback capabilities, making it easy to save and share recordings on YouTube instantly.

Each of the IROAD X9, IROAD TX9 and IROAD X1have minimum electricity consumption that is almost half of the electric consumption that other dash cams since it releases heat from the electric circuit.

Safe and connected for a world of information

The IROAD dashcams feature external GPS in conjunction with Google maps to check location and speed to stay updated on the date, time voltage travelling speed and GPS info while driving. Continuous loop recording with next generation ‘Format-Free JDR small shortage ‘tech brings an increase in lifespan of your MicroSD card. The entire assortment of IROAD dash cams can further record High Definition video and support large memory of up to 128 GB so you can store plenty of high-quality images for a longer time.

Engineered to outperform in every mode

Intuitive and user-friendly, each of the IROAD dash cams has three recording modes, including continuous recording mode and motion detection/parking mode that detects if the ignition is switched on in the car. It further responds with voice guidance and recording if an event occurs while you away from the vehicle.

Investing in the best dash camera you can afford is a great idea. It works as the second set of eyes to even the most careful and cautious drivers. The full range of IROAD dash cam 2019 is available on and the expert team at Connected Audio Visual is the sole Australian importer/ distributor for the IROAD brand.

About IROAD Australia

IROAD is the world’s leading dash camera manufacturer with the highest number of car cameras sold worldwide compared to any other global leading brands. IROAD is well known for engineering highly reliable, high performing cameras that never disappoint. IROAD dash cams are manufactured in Korea and have appointed Connected Audio Visual PTY LTD as the Australian sole importer/distributor for the IROAD brand.

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