Cypher Odin Aiming to Save The Ocean Using The Blockchain Technology

Cypher Odin is putting together what looks like a revolution and remarkable innovation not only in the cryptocurrency place but also in the ocean ecosystem, as it plans to use the blockchain technology to save the oceans’ plastic with the launch of an initial coin offering for its Botcoin.

Plastics are one of the major factors contributing to the menace of pollution and global warming. The oceans and other such water bodies have been adversely affected by the increasing use and inappropriate disposal and recycling of plastics by humans. Studies have shown that less than 10 per cent of all the plastic ever manufactured has been recycled, with the rest being distributed across the planet. The problem is more man-made and is seemingly getting out of control, consequently affecting lives and livelihood. This is further reiterated with the recent closure of Boracay Island for six months, a major source of income for the Philippines, which has been estimated to result in a loss of over $1 billion.

While several solutions have been proffered to solve the global plastic problem, many of them have not been able to effectively address the problem. This is where the Botcoin is looking to make a difference. In partnership with the successful WIZBL Blockchain Platform, a solution was developed to utilize the instantaneous nature of WIZBL and its BRTE (Blockchain Real Time EcoSystem). The result of the partnership is BOTcoin, an elegant marriage of AI and IOT integrated into a revolutionary Blockchain Platform with roots embedded in human psychology.

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BOTcoin will be a sort of incentive driven by using the blockchain technology, optimizing with AI and IOT and transformation using human psychology. Consequently, the present and future generations can live in a world where plastic does not matter anymore.

The innovation aims to transform the current linear economic model into a circular framework, presenting different industries with the ability to participate in a multi-billion dollar market.

More information about the ICO and how to be a part of this revolution can be found on the website.

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