MAXST secures US patent for a video call with augmented reality technology

MAXST has updated a new way of sharing AR drawings for industrial AR Remote Support, known as VIVAR which is unveiled at the end of last year. Now, AR drawing appears in real-time on the shared camera screen as soon as you draw. This update lets you send AR drawings directly in real-time on 360-degree screen view and shorten your work speed. On-site industrial workers can share environment setting, receive guidance on spot with intuitive AR drawing. It is expected to enhance communication at the industrial sites such as manufacturing factory, repair facility, or plant site.

MAXST has secured US Patent entitled ‘System and Method for Video Call Using Augmented Reality’, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This paves the way for the development and commercialization of VIVAR.

Real-time AR drawing is developed with MAXST’s proprietary Instant Tracker and sensor-based re-positioning technology. VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry) based Instant Tracker spontaneously recognizes and tracks camera view, with no need of sensing planar area. Also, VIVAR robustly utilizes IMU sensor and depth information to activate re-positioning technology, which enables to re-recognize and re-read 3D space coordinates upon excessive motions or the escape from the camera angle.

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This remote collaboration tool saves resources and travel costs applicable for maintenance and repair, factory operation, smart factory adoption, training, or emergency response. Companies can achieve operational excellence with real-time compliance with the industrial workforce, data visualization of facilities, reduction of human errors, and training/business trip cost reduction.

Jaewan Park, MAXST CEO said “MAXST obtained the core technology patent in the US and South Korea. This latest update represents MAXST solution is ready to expand to the global market with commercialized service. VIVAR improves work efficiency and reduces costs at industrial sites.”

You can learn more about VIVAR from and experience a free trial version for 30 days.

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