Crypto summit empowers people to avoid scams

ique in its size, diversity, topics, workshops and special events.

Speakers are coming from all over the world (Hong Kong, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, all over Australia and New Zealand) to discuss the technical side of blockchain and health/ wellbeing.

Some of the most influential names in blockchain, such as John McAfee (McAfee Antivirus) from the US, Roger Ver from and Love and Money author Kelly Slattery from the Gold Coast will be among the speakers.

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“This three-day immersion in Fortitude Valley will showcase some of Australia’s best projects and minds in the blockchain space,” Mr Seils said.

“It provides a platform for new and seasoned cryptocurrency investors to deepen their knowledge and proficiency in cryptocurrency by listening to top-notch resource speakers, who will navigate people into the basics and intricacies of this digital currency venture.”

He said the blockchain system was a new way of doing business that was fully transparent, more efficient and unable to be hacked.

“It eliminates fraud, increases efficiency, transparency and traceability in finance, logistics and supply chains,” Mr Seils said.

He said the event aimed to educate and empower people to understand crypto currencies, what was possible for the future of business and take control of their own finances.

“The current financial system and debt-based fractional reserve banking system isn’t working,” he said.

“Our governments are creating money out of thin air and mathematically, it’s proven to be unsustainable and unable to be re-paid based on national and global debt levels.

“If we keep going this way, we’re heading into the second Global Financial Crisis (GFC 2.0). This system is designed to supersede the old antiquated debt-based system.

“You have to earn and pay as you go with cryptocurrencies. There are over 1600 of these – based on different industries, communities and requirements.

People become their own banks in future. Banks and third parties will not be required.”

He said cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, came about in 2009 and are now being adopted by the mainstream.

“The intention of the summit is to educate people on how to own, transact and invest with cryptocurrency and not fall into ponzy schemes where you have to recruit others to make money or they guarantee returns,” Mr Seils said.

“We want this to be an annual and international event. Our goal is to bring the community together and to promote and showcase the brilliant work people are doing in the space and what it makes possible for people and humanity to take them to the next level.”

The Summit is on in The Precinct, level 2, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, today until 8.30pm, from 8.30-7pm tomorrow and 8.30am-6pm on Sunday with social events at night. For more details, call Paul Seils on 0401 774 236 or visit


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