The UK gets the FIRST Asian marketplace with Asonbuy

Asonbuy is the first niche Asian marketplace for the UK where people can buy or sell anything Asian. The online portal will also help sellers with marketing campaigns.

Good news for UK netizens on the lookout for Asian goodies! A leading Indian accessory entrepreneur, Neil Chauhan, has recently launched the FIRST Asian marketplace in the UK. Titled “Asonbuy”, the online-based Asian marketplace extends the opportunity to buy and sell anything Asian at highly affordable prices.

Asonbuy had a soft launch on July 26, 2018. The e-commerce portal mostly targets the growing Asian community in the UK.

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“We are excited to launch the first Asian marketplace for the UK. Asians represent one of the fastest growing communities in the UK and there is a strong demand for Asian products and accessories in the region. Our marketplace aims to fill that gap by extending an easy to access online niche Asian marketplace for buyers. No longer would you need to waste time in searching multiple websites for your desired Asian product as we have brought everything under one roof with Asonbuy. We promise high quality and trendy products from reliable suppliers at great prices for our valued buyers”, stated Mr. Chauhan.

Asonbuy is bustling with a wide range of products to choose from. From apparel to jewelry to accessories to haberdashery- the marketplace has got everything. Buyers will also be able to shop groceries, home and kitchen items and spirituality collectibles.

“Whether you want a handsome Sherwani or an authentic biryani masala or Indian ayurvedic supplements- we have got everything covered for you.”

Added to products, Asonbuy also offers assistance with various services like wedding planning, mortgage help and so on.

Speaking further, Mr. Chauhan noted Asonbuy would be an excellent platform for Asian product sellers as well.

“We know there are a lot of sellers who are unable to set feet online since they can’t afford a website. But with Asonbuy, you don’t need to go through any such complexity. With us, there is no need to waste money and time in building your separate e-commerce store. We extend to you a convenient platform where you will only have to list your Asian products to reach out to a broader range of customers interested in oriental goodies.”

Asonbuy does not charge any upfront listing fee from sellers. The BASIC account exposure is completely FREE of charge. Sellers will only have to pay a nominal percentage of the item sold through Asonbuy.

Asonbuy also helps sellers with marketing efforts. When a seller launches his shop on the online marketplace, Asonbuy will promote it across all major social networking channels and also through email marketing campaigns. The shop will be promoted on Asonbuy’s homepage as well.

“We will take up all the major marketing efforts to help you reach customers from outside your locality, district, state, country, and continent. From PR to social media campaigns to email newsletters to blog articles to online ad campaigns to competitions- we will cover various promotional programs on your part.

Asonbuy accepts multiple payment methods and also offers easy return & refund policy.

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